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Beco Baby Carrier Gemini

98% Positive Reviews


Pros: Everything

Cons: Nothing

To anyone looking for a carrier, BECO is the brand!


I recently had purchased the Gemini, great carrier! It has everything you will ever need and want, its ergonomic, comfy, organic, made in California, elegant, not bulky, 4 positions, just amazing.


Ergonomic: it holds my DD in a ergonomic (Proper) position not like the Bjorn crotch dangler.


Comfy: It distributes your baby's weight between your shoulders and hips, not your back, you can baby

             wear for hours and be amazed that you're actually baby wearing for so long.


Organic: In this day in age, organic materials is a must! I love how everything Beco makes is organic.


Made in Ca: Its great to see a company that still makes products here in the states giving back and

                      keeping jobs here in the United States.


Elegant: As I was shopping, I was so surprised on how elegant and unique all there prints are! Even more

               surprised that most of the baby carriers that are organic, have a crunchy look to them. Very Dad

               friendly prints.


Not Bulky: On thing that turned me off to a Ergo or Boba, they are TOO BULKY! I tried them both on and

                  it honestly seemed like they were wearing me, I found them to be to bulky for my small frame

                  5,1", they were just not flattering on me. The Gemini was actually slim and slender and more

                  fitted to my body, plus, it looked WAY better than the other 2 carriers.


4 in 1- literally! The Gemini offers 4 positions, FFI, FFO, Hip and Back Carry. Front 8-35lbs.


Just Amazing: All of the above is more than enough to make Beco the best choice in baby carriers.


Honestly, IMO, anyone considering a baby carrier, consider the 3 basics, Ergonomic, Organic, and Proper Weight Distribution. These will be a life saver as you start to baby wear!


Pros: Baby is front facing.

Cons: The baby seems to outgrow it faster than the Butterfly.

I love this is a front facing carrier. Whoo-hoo.


Pros: Easy to use, Comfortable

Okay so I didn't get the baby wearing thing with my first kid. We had a babyBjorn carrier and my daughter liked it but it really wasn't comfortable for me to wear.  Hubby liked it but he only carried her like 1% of the time so to me the price was not worth it.  DD liked to face out rather than in.  I know they say that you shouldn't face your baby out because they'll be overstimulated but what else do you do when your baby won't stop screaming at you and that's the only thing that will calm her down? Anyways, not a fan of the Bjorn carrier.


So with the second baby, I thought I would give this a try. LOVE!! It's not only comfy and easy to use, you can even nurse with it! How ingenious was that? So while chasing my 2 yr old around the park and the mall, I was discretely nursing my son and usually he fell asleep in the carrier. Wish I had this for my first.  So now with baby #3 on the way, I'm not worried about what if we're somewhere and baby has to nurse.  I can just put baby in the Beco and chase my other two munchkins around. 


Pros: Flexibility...Facing-in or Out/ Hip-Carry/ Back-Carry, very supportive straps, easily adjustable, stylish patterns :-)

Cons: no sun shade

We first owned a BBII, but unfortunately our little one really disliked the "facing in" position when he was little. He kept rubbing his face against my chest and even nursing him couldn't calm him down....SO we sold our BBII and bought the GEMINI, which we absolutely love!!! I adore that you have the flexibility of the different positions.

Would buy this over and over, and have recommended it to my friends:-)


Pros: easy and quick to adjust, comfy straps, no back pain!!!

Cons: No rain cover,

love it!!! sometimes Beco was the only solution to put the baby to sleep. 5 -10 min and the baby  falls asleep! life saver! thank you, Beco!


Pros: Comfortable, quick to put on and stylish

You know when you've got a great carrier when the LO simply falls asleep with no drama and it doesn't feel like any weight at all on your shoulders.


Pros: Very comfortable, Quick to put on

I just got my Beco Gemini for Christmas and it is so comfortable.  I love how easy it is to get my daughter (10 months) onto my back and she absolutely loves it.  I have multiple carriers and I like this one for when I need something for a long period of time, it never feels like I'm wearing an extra 22 lbs.


Pros: Tons of padding

Cons: Virtually impossible to nurse in.

I gave this a very low rating to performance, because I found it impossible to nurse in.  With a toddler and a baby, I needed something I could nurse with hands free.  I ended up passing along my Beco to a friend who had a baby a little older, and didn't need to nurse on the go. 


Pros: fits larger children comfortably, great back support

Cons: Need better way to tie up ties.

I purchased this carrier for my 2nd child after having another well known carrier brand with my 1st child and hating it. This carrier is AMAZING. I can comfortably carrier my almost 2yr old on my back or front for hours with both of us staying comfy the whole time. I purchased the Luna print and it is gorgeous. The carrier fits well on my tall slender frame and easily adjusts to fitting my husband as well. I would recommend this carrier to anyone looking for a great carrier to use from birth till toddlerhood!


Pros: Comfortable, well-priced, easy to use, versatile, beautiful

I purchased the Beco Gemini when our daughter became too heavy for our Baby Bjorn (she was about 15 lbs and 8-months-old).  So we've had it for about 8 or 9 months.  I chose the Beco after doing a lot of research on carriers because I wanted a one that allowed her to face forward.  My husband and I both adore the Beco, and it is by far our most valued piece of baby gear.  It is the one single thing that we cannot live without.  There is so much I could say about how comfortable it is to wear, how beautiful it looks, and how versatile it is.  But I won't ramble on about all of those things.  There are just two things I really want you to know.  First, this carrier goes everywhere with us.  Even if we go out with the stroller, the carrier comes, too, because we are always guaranteed that she will be happy in her Beco.  Also, it is much, much easier to strap baby on then to get a stroller out of the trunk!  Second, the Gemini has saved my husband many times when I am working nights and he has to get our daughter to sleep on his own.  Nothing else has worked for him, but taking her for a walk outside, cozy and close in the Beco Gemini does the trick every time!  I would recommend Beco Gemini to anyone who wants to make baby-wearing a practical part of their parenting lifestyle.


My husband carrying our 12-month-old daughter in the Beco Gemini during a hike near Thunder Bay, ON.

Beco Baby Carrier Gemini

Product Features · 4 in 1 baby carrier · Front carry (facing in and facing out), back carry, and hip carry · 100% organic cotton · Great for nursing · Direct contact intuitive baby carrier · High quality test material · Machine washable · Instruction manual included · Made in USA Product Measurements · Body: 11"wide by 14.5 tall (if headrest is folded down, 19" if not folded" · Shoulder Straps: 23" (can be adjusted up to 22" longer for a total of 45") · Waist Belt : 28"(size 0) and can be adjusted up to 57" · Weight Capacity: 7-35 lbs (3.5-16kg) · Weight of Carrier: 1.5 lbs

BindingBaby Product
FeatureMade in USA
LabelBeco Baby Carrier
ManufacturerBeco Baby Carrier
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
PublisherBeco Baby Carrier
StudioBeco Baby Carrier
TitleBeco Baby Carrier Gemini - Paige
Height3 inches
Length3 inches
Weight0.2 pounds
Width0.25 inches
Batteries Included0
BrandBeco Baby Carrier
WarrantyBeco Baby Carrier warrants the products against defect in material and workmanship. We stand behind our products and will either repair or replace for free products purchase from our authorized retailer during the first year. Proof of purchase necessary.
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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