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Beco Butterfly II Carrier Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best Carrier Ever


Pros: Comfortable, great design, cute print

I have tried many baby carriers (over 10 different kinds, as a matter of fact), This is by far the most comfort one I ever owned. I love that it is easy to use, I could easily breast feed while my infant is in the carrier. The print is adorable. I have a bad back from carrying my oldest daughter around when she was a toddler, so having the Beco Butterfly 2 for my second baby is a back saver. It might seem a bit pricey at first, but it is well worth the money for what the length of time I was able to use it -- especially since I use it regularly. It's very handy to be able to carry my baby in the carrier while I cook, clean or chase after my older daughter at...
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Proud mom of 2

Sanity saver


Pros: Back saver, sanity saver for colic baby, ok to use right after c-section

This carrier has been an absolute sanity saver for me and my whole family. My baby is very colicky and spends most of her waking moments crying when she isn't in the carrier. With this carrier I can keep her calm and quiet and know she is happy. When she is in the carrier I am able to spend time with my other child and be able to give him attention. It was fantastic when we went to the Christmas tree farm to get a tree. I didn't need to bring my stroller in which was a relief. I am able to go to a play group with my son and have both of my hands free. She often is so relaxed in it that she falls asleep. I had a c-section with both of my babies and i was able to wear the carrier with 2-3...
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Negative Reviews


Not good for sleeping


Pros: Cute and good shape for women's bodies

Cons: No head support when baby is asleep

This is the prettiest carrier, and fit my shoulders and figure (at 5'6") much better than the Ergo. I got it when my daughter was about nine months, two years ago - it doesn't appear to have changed much since then. Whenever she fell asleep, her head would hang straight back and swing around - zero support! The Ergo sleep hood blows this feature out of the water, and unfortunately it was a deal breaker for me. My kid always falls asleep in the carrier. I totally fail to understand the deal with the no-support thing, although I heard the explanation was Ergo sued Beco to stop them including a supportive hood. I believe with a small new infant, the baby would be far enough down inside to...
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I love my Beco!


Pros: Easy to use, very supportive, and stylish

Cons: None

This was my first time babywearing and there were so many carriers out there I was not really sure which to buy. In the end I made the best choice. I love my Beco and so does my baby. I could not be happier and can't wait to buy the Gemini as well!

More Reviews


Comfort,beauty and simplicty in one


Pros: Comfortable, wonderful prints, fits many sizes,daddy friendly

We love our BB2 its our go to carrier. Even Daddy likes it. Can easily switch front to back. Even the newest of baby wearers.

Best carrier around


Pros: to many to list

Cons: None that I can see

I recently borrowed two carries, the bb2 and the ergo.  Ive heard lots of good things about the ergo but my baby(6 months) cried and cried in it.  Next up I tried the bb2 and it was like a dream, so easy to use and my baby was sooo happy in it that he cried when I took him out.  I will be investing in my own bb2 ASAP.  Hurry and get your own!



Pros: lightweight, baby loves it, easy to clean

Cons: inside panel can get hot

I wouldn't get any other carrier, I am so in love with our Beco!  I recommend it to every mom  I know!

Beco Butterfly 2 carrier is stylish


Pros: baby falls asleep in the Beco Butterfly2

Cons: the straps are hard to adjust

I like my beco butterfly 2 . It's stylish, made with organic material,and seems pretty strong.My 5 month old falls asleep in it so that is wonderful for me.   Personally I don't like the straps.. they are hard to adjust while wearing the carrier with my baby in it.  I've found the Ergo 's straps easier to adjust and it's faster to put on than the beco.  It was on sale so that was a plus.  
Lindsey Daly

So comfortable

This carrier is amazingly comfortable! I have used several carriers in the past 6 1/2 years and this has been one of my favorites. I borrowed one from a friend when I took three 1 yr olds to the zoo by myself. The waist support is very supportive and puts baby in a comfortable position. I was able to use this carrier for 4 hrs straight! I am looking to buy one for myself soon.

I love it!

I love it! It's super comfy for my baby and for me as well. The waist belt is wide so it's very comfortable and helps disstribute weight. The material is durable but soft at the same time. The prints are very cute, I got the Owl Happy. I always get compliments on it.  It's very easy to put on, I do it sitting down and always feel safe doing it. Honestly, it's worth every penny!
VA mom

Love it!!


Pros: Comfortable for mom and baby. Easy to use. Stylish.

Cons: None

I purchased my Butterfly 2 from Craiggslist when my son was 4 weeks and very colicky. He would immediately settle and nap when in the carrier for a walk.  The carrier is very comfortable for both of us. My son now weighs 25 pounds and he and I are both still comfortable. This carrier is very easy to switch form front carry toback carry without  removing baby. This has been my favorite baby purchase!!

Thumbs up for the BBII


Pros: very durable; cute, stylish fabric; easy to use; great carrier for a babywearing beginner

Cons: sometimes the straps rub a bit under my arms

My husband and I give an enthusiastic thumbs up to the Beco Butterfly II baby carrier.  We were lucky to purchase our carrier during Beco's Black Friday sale this past fall and were able to purchase an older pattern for just $70 (plus $10 in shipping).  We had previously borrowed a friend's BBII for several months and knew that it was the one for us!  The BBII is very well constructed and highly durable.  The fabric pattern is quite stylish and isn't too "girly," so my husband is comfortable wearing it.  The inner Y panel is helpful when transferring our little one from one parent to the other in the carrier.  And, we appreciated the included newborn insert...
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So in love


Pros: Easy to use, good fit,

I have gone though a lot of baby carriers!  I have only one I will use now.  My beco butterfly II.  I tried a mei tie, moby and a bjorn only to sell them all on Craig's list.  I wanted a carrier that did not kill my back, that I could do a back carry without help and had a cute print as well...My beco fit all of these.  I have also had 5 friends purchase a beco because of trying mine and falling in love.  Now that I have a 2nd child, the beco it getting used a ton.  Forget the huge double stroller, my self or my husband just wear the little one!  My darter loves it and in cooler weather it is great for snuggles.   I hope this helps you try a...
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Tash Allison

Great carrier, good for infant hip development


Pros: Easy to use, lightweight, nice sub visor, comfortable

Cons: The straps can dig into baby's face when asleep but I just use strap covers to protect.

It is a great carrier. And from the research I have done, the position of baby supports proper hip development.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Beco Butterfly II Carrier › Beco Butterfly II Carrier Reviews