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A Review On: Beco Butterfly II Carrier

Beco Butterfly II Carrier

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Pros: Easy back carry, infant insert included, works great for all body types, beauiful, the list goes on! This carrier is awesome.

Cons: None besides the fact that they are so georgeous that you want to buy one in every color!

I have been using the Beco Butterfly II for about 5 months now, my son is currently 8 months old. It is very easy to use and a great value. Included is the infant insert so you can start using it right from the start and it goes up to 45lbs so that will last you well into toddler age. The straps are super soft and not bulky like other carriers.  They are easy to adjust and can fit all body types. My husband and I share the carrier with no problems. The back carry is super easy thanks to the internal harness. This also makes it easier to pass the baby onto someone else without having to take him out of the carrier. The internal harness makes me feel very secure when doing a back carry, something which I thought would be too difficult for me. The fabric is super soft and absolutely stunning.  They have so many beautiful and modern options which makes it hard to choose just one. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone. It is truly unique, innovative, a great value and a must for all parents.


This carrier has helped me so much with my son. He loves being carried and I would not deny him that. Now I don't have to sacrifice comfort to meet his needs. He happily stays in the Beco while we are out running errands, at home cleaning, and it is one of the easiest ways to get him to nap.


So to anyone thinking about a Beco or another SSC, go with the Beco! You won't regret it!


Last thing, these have an excellent resell value, so when you're done using it with your baby you can always sell it to another mama.


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