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Beco Butterfly II Carrier Reviews


Love our butterfly


Pros: Easy to use, beautiful, comfortable

Cons: Expensive

We just had another little girl and our butterfly sure makes my life easier! Helps me to snuggle my babe and still able to help my other kids. It's super easy to use and I get compliments on it everywhere I go. Although it was expensive it was worth it!

great carrier!

I never have Beco carrier, but i hope i'll have it one day! It has a great review from moms and dads who loves babywearing! :)

Love holding my babies close


Pros: comfortable, secure, great designs, infant insert

Loved wearing my baby close to me and she loved being snuggles so close. When she was a newborn and fussy I would wear her and vacuum at the same time. She loved being worn and the sound soothed her to sleep. As she got older it was so convenient to just wear her and not deal with a large stroller. The Beco did not give me any shoulder or back pain as some other carriers did and my daughter never resisted going in.

Beco Butterfly II

The Beco Butterfly makes it easy to transition baby from front to back carry and vice versa.  It also makes it easy to transfer baby between my hubby & I.  

Love my Beco Butterfly!


Pros: Front carry, infant insert included, back carry, VERY comfortable, even weight distribution, wonderful colour patterns, toddler loves it!

Cons: can be tricky to wrap up for storage, not as compact as a wrap or sling, no other cons!

We love our Beco Butterfly! My daughter loves her "backpack" rides and is comfortable in any of the carrier's positions. The fabric is very durable and washes easily. Having an extra layer of material between me and the little one helps me feel more secure in positioning little one in the carrier. This also makes transferring to another adult easier. Definitely recommend this carrier to others!

BBII vs. Other Soft Structured Carriers.


Pros: better fit, saftey, extra security for back carries, free infant insert, beautiful prints, places to hook toys, more comfortable

Cons: not as easy to adjust while wearing

I currently own a ring sling, three wraps, a BBII, an Angel Pack, an Ergo, and (formerly owned) an Oh Snap.   Out of all of these SSCs the BBII is my favorite.  I really wish I would have started with the BBII when my son was born 8 months ago.   Things I like vs. Other Carriers:   1) Infant Insert:   The BBII comes with the infant insert.  I bought this after my son was too young for the infant insert, but I wish I had it when he was younger.  The infant insert attaches with super strong sticky (velcro like) and becomes part of the carrier when you are using it with the infant insert.  The infant insert doesn't add a lot of bulk...
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Beco Butterfly ll


Pros: ease of use, from birth to child, super cute, does not hurt back or shoulders, can fit most adults

Cons: needs foot straps for those long legged toddlers

I have had my beco for 3yrs. It is my top structured carrier. The beco allows any of my children to ride. I have a 2.5yrold who is just under 30lbs and a 4.5yrold who is 36lbs. The only thing I wish it had was foot stirrups that could be added on for when the kids get older. I will soon have a newborn who will fit perfectly in it like his/her older sister did. 

Beco Butterfly II


Pros: Comfort, Style,

Cons: Difficult to adjust

I started using my Beco when my baby was 6 weeks old, I loved knowing he was secure in the BBII because of the Y panel on the inside that holds him in. It's great to have the option to just transfer him to my husband without taking him out of the carrier. 
Luciana R

Had lots of carriers, this is the BEST


Pros: Ease of use

Cons: No sleep hood pocket

I've tried a lot of carriers, and though I love a strechy wrap for a newborn, the Beco has been my #1 go-to carrier once my daughter got too heavy for the strechy. She's 16 months old and we use our Beco every time we go out shopping since she we bought it almost a year ago. It's easy to put on, no adjustment needed, folds small to take when traveling. For us, it's been the perfect carrier for any occasion and I highly recommend it! I've bought and sold many carriers, but this is the one I've kept...

My favourite SSC


Pros: Very comfortable, easy to wear, easy to put on alone, baby is comfortable

Cons: A slight learning curve.

A great carrier. Very sturdy and well made. I liked the structure a lot more than the Ergo. I love the ability to move from back to front carry without removing baby. A great product. 
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