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Beco Butterfly II Carrier Reviews

Rachel Rabey

Love my Beco!


Pros: Best baby carrier ever!

Cons: price

I've tried several baby carriers and the Beco is by far the most comfortable for myself and baby. Not only that it's made in America!! I love that! And you can get so many beautiful designs and colors. I give this baby carrier 5 stars!
Larisa Cox

Beco Butterfly II Carrier


Pros: very supportive, easy on the back, pretty

Cons: buckles -- not a huge fan

i have tried on a beco many times -- have not bought it yet actually. but it is so great -- my baby was weightless in it! it is very pretty too and the fabric is soft. it is easy to nurse in it as well which is very important for me!
Lauren Gonzalez

Beco butterfly II


Pros: Love the butterfly panel for easy "child installation", love that it comes with infant insert. Love the head protector. Love this product.

Cons: A bit pricey. I bought mine on Craigslist to fix that problem.

I opted to buy a become instead of a double stroller. I researched for months and im so very happy with my purchase. I would (and have) recommended this to many friends. I even bought one for my sister who is expecting. I live this product.

Babywearing Bliss


Pros: Lightweight, Stylish, Secure, Versatile, Washable, Child-safe buckles, Infant Insert included, Comfortable, Newborn to toddler weight range.

Cons: No pocket for wallet or keys.

I thoroughly enjoy my Beco Butterfly 2. My husband is a whole foot taller than I am and only minimal adjustments are needed to switch my child in the carrier from me to him. I love how secure the buckles and straps are. I prefer having the inner T-panel as I never need to worry about my daughter falling out. We use it almost every day, and seriously could not have survived the first year without it! Naps while out and about are crucial, and they were only made possible with my BECO!

Even Grandpa loves it!


Pros: Easy to use, comfortable, fits toddlers, adjusts easily

I ordered the Butterfly II to use with our 2 year old during dog training classes, it then took us through her older sister's first soccer season and allowed me to help out while other parents were sitting out with babies and toddlers in slings and strollers. I used the Butterfly II until I was 6 months pregnant with no issues, then my husband and my dad both tried it and realized that this carrier made baby wearing fun and easy! Now our newest baby loves it too.

I wish I had one of these!


Pros: Durable, gorgeous, comfortable

Cons: ?

A friend of mine owns one of these, and I own a similar carrier from another brand.  I am so envious! My carrier just doesnt measure up to the BB2!!
Richelle G

Awesome carrier!


Pros: Easy to use, cute patterns, very safe, comfortable

Cons: A little pricey

I read every review on the planet for just about every carrier out there. Glad I went with a Beco. I was worried because I am short and wanted my husband to be able to use it too. I was also wanted my toddler to be able to use it in a pinch along with my newborn. I'm super happy with my choice. I didn't need to use the newborn insert as long as it said I would, but read others have done the same. I think getting drool pads is a must once you have a teething baby on your hands. I do wish that there were more natural/lighter color choices. I was worried that the black fabric would get pretty hot in the summer and it did. I realize having a baby on you is going to be hot anyway, but...
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(Mostly) In Love


Pros: Comfortable, light-weight, gorgeous prints, sizing is adjustable

Cons: Can be intimidating at first, not as easy to breastfeed while using

I purchased the BBII shortly before my daughter was born.  I had also purchased a Moby Wrap, Babyhawk Mei Tai (BH MT), Maya Sling and Ergo.  (I planned on doing a lot of babywearing!!!)  I quickly grew frustrated with the Moby and moved on to my other carriers.  Because I didn't feel the need to purchase the infant insert with my Ergo (since the BBII has it built in) that was also out for the time being.  My daughter HATED the Maya sling when she was little... so then we were down to two.  So much for all of my options! :-)  I loved both my BH MT and BBII "almost" equally - but for different reasons.  Both are extremely comfortable and easy to...
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I love my Beco Butterfly II


Pros: Beautiful, comfortable, easy to adjust

Cons: baby cannot face forward, a bit of a learning curve

I love this carrier.  I started with a pouch, which was nice for a newborn, but once my son started really gaining weight, we switched to the Beco.  It is one place i could almost always guarantee a nice nap.  I am complimented on the carrier *all* the time.  My son is 2.5, 34 inches and 32 pounds and I am still able to carry him on my back comfortably for an hour or so.  I am 5'1" and I was not able to get this kind of comfort in other carriers i tried.   I understand that the Gemini allows for a forward facing front carry, but we did just fine with my son facing in when he was small enough to be front carried.
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Beco Butterfly II Carrier › Beco Butterfly II Carrier Reviews