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Beco Butterfly II Carrier Reviews


Great Carrier


Pros: easy to use, comfy, secure

Cons: my big girls constantly want to ride in it!

I got this to use for my son who is not yet born and so have only tried it out on my toddler girls, but the fact that I can comfortably carry them while being very pregnant is saying a lot about the quality of this carrier! Love the print and all the features. The fact that it is very user friendly is especially great since I want to be able to confidently carry my newborn. Now I just have to convince the girls that it's actually for him!

Love it


Pros: Helps with hands free....tried many other carriers this.by far the best!

Cons: None

Wouldnt buy any other to use with my kids!

Love my Beco!


Pros: Comfort, fits plus sized mommas, great for my tall babies

Cons: expensive

I love my beco butterfly II.  I purchased it when my second child was about 2 months old and have never looked back.  I may dabble in other carriers, but I always come back to my beco.  It is quick to put on, good practically from birth (7lbs, I had to wait a bit because I have 6 pounders).  It can be worn on the front or back.  It fits both my 2 year old and my 3 month old equally well and comfortably.  I love that I can (loosely) cover babies head while she sleeps or remove the hood completely when not in use.  I love that I can get my toddler on my back with no help and wear him for hours with comfort.  Being a plus sized woman, I love that I...
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Pros: Comfy for extended carrying

Cons: None

I use my beco DAILY and couldn't survive without it! I have three little ones under 6 and it is my go to carrier... I cook and clean in it and use it while we're away from the house. My youngest gets put in it for nap time most days.... I can't say enough good things about it!! I purchased it with a "manly" pattern for my hubby and I use it way more than he does... Perhaps I should snag a pretty floral print!!

This carrier saved my sanity


Pros: comfortable, supportive, must have

Cons: none

When I bought the Beco Butterfly 2 I was in search of a very supportive carrier because my baby boy was very heavy and constantly wanted to be held (even for his naps) so after nearly a month of research I spent the best $150 ever!!! My little guy and I loved it from min one, I walk around the lake nearby at least 3 times a week with him in it and my back can't tell we just carried a 25lbs baby nearly 3 miles =) most of the time I have suck a hard time getting him to sleep, when I get him into my butterfly he usually falls asleep within 10 mins. I can't gush enough about how much I love this carrier, its so easy to nurse in, its comfortable and supportive and my husband even loves to...
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Becky Lassiter

I wan this!


Pros: Comfortable and easy to use, holds baby in great position

Cons: I need one!!

I want one.. I tried one of my friends and love it!
Laurie Amabisca

Mother of 4, great hands free carrier


Pros: great support, beautiful patterns, durable, comfortable

Cons: no handy storage pockets

I'm a busy mom who can benefit from some hands free baby carrying. I did a lot of research before purchasing my Becco Butterfly II. I settled on this carrier due to the internal harness feature. There is a definite learning curve, some adjusting with buckles and straps, but once you wear it a few times, it's well worth all the time invested. I love my Becco, I would like to try the Gemini next

Best thing since sliced bread!


Cons: Adjusting between parents

I absolutely love my beco butterfly!! I got it from pax baby.com and got to get a custom order of the Isis print    My uses so far include the needy infant with RSV and being able to do breathing treatments while asleep in my beco.  Carrying him through the airport and going across multiple terminals for a connecting flight in 10 minutes!!! We ran and he thought it was HILARIOUS. We use it at almost every grocery trip! It keeps him from throwing the groceries out of the cart! My friend borrowed it with her preemie and used the infant insert and she has fallen in love.   We have also used it to carry him the miles it takes to get to the Arlington ballpark...
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Only the Best for my LO!


Pros: Easy to Use, Comfortable, Durable, Machine Washable

Cons: Not forward facing!

After months of using my Baby Bjorn, my back literally ached after every time I used it. I just couldn't take it anymore after 3 months. So after doing a lot of research and asking hundreds of moms (via facebook, friends, babysites), everyone agreed -- get the Beco Butterfly II. So, I did, and I've been so grateful ever since! It is fashionable, comfortable, super easy to use, can be worn in so many different ways, and best of all... COMFORTABLE! I had a C-Section with my LO and had absolutely no issues using it a few weeks later. It is so adjustable, that its as comfortable for me to wear it (I'm short at 5'3) as it is for my 6ft tall husband! If you want style, comfort, durability,...
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I LOVE my beco!


Pros: works for a range of sizes, well padded, easy to use

Works great for a full range of ages/sizes of babies. I used it for my newborn, I also used it with my second child from a few months old until I was 8 months pregnant(she was 19 months old then)   The padding is great, fits wonderfully on me and my husband, does not hurt my back like other carriers I have used, I have a spinal injury and this works well for holding my kids!   I love this carrier and can not wait to own 2 of them!
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Beco Butterfly II Carrier › Beco Butterfly II Carrier Reviews