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To Each Her Own

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Pros: Explores birth in artistic ways

Cons: Activities may not be helpful to all

I read Birthing from Within during the last half of my second pregnancy after having read Orgasmic Birth. I had read Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Natural Childbirth and The Birth Partner during my first pregnancy. In the natural and home birthing community, of which I am a part, Birthing from Within is the first book most mothers recommend. The book stands alone in its perspective of preparing for birth. I had not yet read a pregnancy book that included so many ideas about how to understand yourself and your perspective of birth through art. I did enjoy making birth art and included birth art in my blessingway. I do feel that it would be helpful to most women to try to gain understanding of themselves through imagery. I did not participate in some of the pain realizing activities, for lack of a better term. I had given birth before, and did not feel like holding ice in my hand for a prolonged period of time would be helpful. It may for others. There is not a really good way to prepare for the type of bodily sensations a woman will have during labor and birth. The births of my children were very different from each other. The best advice I think that anyone can give is to be present with each sensation. Birth is a beautiful aspect of life, and if one is present with little fear of what is to be then I think it can be truly enjoyed. You can only do your best with each moment that is given to you in life, and labor is a great time to learn such an important lesson.


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