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Boba 3G Saved My Babywearing

A Review On: Boba Carrier 3G

Boba Carrier 3G

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Pros: Ease of use, comfort, baby loves it

Cons: Lint magnet, best for one user only

I love baby wearing, and so it is with a certain amount of reluctance that I confess that wearing Baby Girl from birth to twelve months in a Moby wrap took a lot of fortitude. The arrival of the Boba 3G held more than a hint of Christmas come late, it held the hope that we could keep up the work of babywearing without strained smiles and muffled groaning.

In simple and attractive packaging, the compact Boba box gives the environmentally conscientious a high five while also showing how easy it can be to stow the carrier. It is, in fact, pretty compact. Soft and pliable, even the well-cushioned waistband can easily trifold and slip into an accommodating diaper bag. Still, motherly haste mean that most of the Boba's idle life is spent draped over my bag, not tidily inside it. At least it looks good. While wearing the carrier but not the baby, I loved slipping out of the top half and re-snapping the buckle down around my waist. Yes, it bears more than a passing resemblance to a fanny pack when worn this way, but it also covers mama tummy!

That handy little storage tip was gleaned from the detailed manual, which is recommended reading. There are a few features to the carrier that I would have just missed or misunderstood without the manual - like the strap holders on the shoulders which keep your bag from sliding off your shoulder, the optional foot straps to help promote that ideal 90' angle in the knees in bigger kids, or that the stretchy piece of fabric snapped in the top front pocket goes over your baby's head when they're sleeping - and is adjustable. Also tucked away is a little zipper pocket on the front center of the waistband. It is deceptively roomy, in a pinch I was able to easily store and retrieve my lip gloss, cash, ID and boarding pass. If you don't think you'll get much use out of the sun hood while baby sleeps, you can get a little space for other baby extras there, but since this occupies real estate right behind baby I just left it alone for fear of lumps and bumps poking her.

Discovering these thoughtful features was secondary to one of the most critical aspects of the Boba: getting baby loaded up. Putting on the Boba and loading baby in can be achieved in less that a minute, even the first time. Better yet, it's easy to do on the go and even in tricky spots - I was able to easily don the Boba and baby from my airplane seat without standing up or elbowing my husband in the face. For me, this ease marks the difference between just plain quitting my mama chores because baby needs me or loading her up and going about our productive day. Better yet, baby loves it and it has become part of our routine in just a few short weeks. In the morning I load her up and we do dishes and breakfast, and she'll frequently bring me the Boba later in the day and ask for me to put it on and carry her!

Aesthetically, the Boba 3G is pleasing, with a little upkeep. The soft, black cotton is an absolute lint magnet. It wasnt long before the sleek black was entirely speckled with fuzz - from her coat, my sweater, mysterious fuzzies of unknown origin, it's the Katamari of fabrics. So long as we're talking pitfalls: long hair and buckles are not fun. Life as a woman just isn't easy.

Still a pound shy of the weight recommendation for a back carry, I did give it a trial. Never having loaded a child into a back carry, there was a moment where I was bent over holding my daughter's left foot behind me while she giggled madly as I tried to finesse her buns into the Boba. First lesson learned: there is no finessing. Just pop that baby on back there. Our second try was 100% successful, and she was delighted, which speaks volumes about ease of use and practicality.

I'm not a pro at breastfeeding in carriers. Frankly, it's always seemed a bit mythical - I hear whispers of it, somebody knows somebody that tandem breastfeeds their children in a wrap while knitting and practicing postnatal yoga. Maybe it's that baby's preferred position is incompatible, maybe I'm missing something, but I just didn't really get the logistics. Then, while toting baby in the Boba, she sorta shove against me, I loosened a strap and there we were, nursing and assuming proud warrior pose. It became the first of many multitasking sessions - yay, Boba!

With an adjustable waistband and shoulder straps attached to a soft cotton center the Boba is pretty straightforward, and that is a big positive for us. It snuggles baby girl close, supports very well, and once I tweaked the straps and achieved our perfect fit we were both gosh darn content. She can sneak her arms out under and over the straps, but she can't pitch herself backwards and out. Still, I love resting a hand on her, and the fabric is thin enough that I feel like I can give her reassurance that way.

I'm on the string bean end of the scale and the Boba has a lot of sizing flexibility so I had to tighten up the straps before loading up and finding the right fit. In addition to an adjustable, broad, cushioned waistband, the shoulder straps each adjust at the rear top and rear bottom. Add in the adjustable snap connecting across your shoulder blades (or chest in a back carry) - and that these can actually slide up and down - and you have a lot of variability. While this meant that after a few wears I had everything just so, it also dashed my hopes that my husband and I would easily be able to share the Boba baby wearing. This isn't a matter of someone messing with your seat position in your car, this is someone completely reprogramming all the radio presets and leaving the wipers and overhead light on, too. So, he's not allowed to touch it - but I might just buy a second one if we have another child!


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