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Boba Carrier 3G Reviews

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Not for plus size moms


Pros: Cute

Cons: Straps dig badly

I bought this on a recommendation of a friend, and really wish I hadn't. The adjustable straps in the back are genius, but they dig into my shoulders so badly I just can't handle wearing it very long. This is not a plus size mama friendly carrier.

Another likable SSC option!


Pros: Comfortable, easy to wear, adjustable, fits a range of sizes, sturdy construction, lovely packaging

Cons: Minimal pockets/storage space for mama's stuff, sleeping/nursing hood isn't practical beyond infancy.

  Like: I really like the fit. It's SO comfortable. I do think it is more comfortable than my Ergo. I really can hardly feel DS's 24 pounds. I like the little innovative differences in the Boba... the toddler stirrups, the purse holder snaps, the fact the hood is removable, the infant position, the shoulder strap slider... lots of nice little features.    Dislike: The hood really is almost unusable for us. DS at 16 months is too tall for it or something... it just doesn't cover his head hardly at all. I've just been keeping the hood off. But, when using the Ergo I use the hood ALL the time! When we are out and about and he's nursing I'll use it (so he doesn't...
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All in All Good Carrier


Pros: Sturdy and Organic

Cons: Not a Replacement Carrier and Bulky.

  I heard that Boba was really comfortable carrier for larger babes, ummm, not really the case! I love my Beco B2, have had it since my little one was born and have LOVE every minute of baby wearing. I have heard that there was a new carrier brand out there that was great for toddlers and got a bit curious about it. There wasn’t too much about the carrier online, but the little that I found was pretty good. The carrier itself looks nice, bigger and wider, so I assumed it would be perfect for my toddler. After I bought it, I kind of regretted, its not that it’s a bad a carrier, but its nothing I needed or anything special from my Beco.   The carrier is nice and well...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Boba Carrier 3G › Boba Carrier 3G Reviews