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Boba Carrier Organic 2G

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Everything! Durable, Comfortable, Wide enough for older babies

I couldn't rave enough about the Boba Carrier. I love it so, so much and my son adores it as well. The bad around the waist is so nice and large it makes it very comfortable, along with the straps and the part that goes around baby is so large, you can tell they feel nice and supported inside it, and it also makes for a perfect carrier for older babies. So if you have a tall, big baby like I do this is the carrier for you!


Pros: Tall back for tall babies and discrete nursing

Cons: Buckles in the back are a bit high

Overall I am very happy with this carrier. I really love the high back. My son (12 months) is tall (98th percentile) and also very squirmy. When he would arch his back suddenly in other similar carriers with a lower back I worried he could fall out. I do not have that worry at all with the Boba. Also, the tall back allows him to snuggle down and nurse discretely while I continue whatever I am doing. This is an extremely important feature for me. Although I nurse in public all the time, I really enjoy that he can sit and nurse and take breaks as much as he wants and I don't have to worry about people seeing much of what is going on. The foot supports are also a great feature and they seem effective at keeping my son's legs from losing circulation.


The only downside I have noticed is that the top buckle in the back is pretty high and puts some stress on my shoulders and neck if it is not adjusted perfectly. And because my husband and I both use it I have to adjust it a lot. However, I think that having it up higher makes it much easier to put it on without help.


Pros: comfortable, versatile

Cons: no hip carry option

The Boba 2G organic carrier is a comfortable carrier that can be worn on your back or front. It has a pretty wide weight range, for little ones from 15 to 45 lbs. It is pretty easily adjustable, which I really appreciate as a petite mom. As the name implies, it is made of organic cotton, which would be a bonus for many people. I got the Walnut color and think it goes pretty well with most things I wear. We don't really use the foot rests-I don't know if I'm using them wrong or if my son just dislikes them, but they aren't in the way (and I think they're removable) so it's not a big deal if you don't want to use them. I've used it at the mall and on walks outside, including up some big hills in our neighborhood. It does get a little sweaty at times, but I think any baby carrier would, and this one is machine washable. I love it.


*I won my Boba at a Twitter party, so I got it for free


Pros: easy to use, not bulky, lightweight, looks great

Cons: none

I use this carrier with both my 17 month old and almost 3 year old. It's very comfortable and the simple design is easy to use. I love that it comes in this great organic option. I have the Walnut color and love that it looks great on me or my husband.


Pros: Very comfortable, Organic, Unisex, Comes in a variety of colors

Cons: None

The Boba is a great carrier for older babies, and the company says it is designed to carry babies that weigh 15-45 lbs.  I love the padding on the straps, it really helps me to carry my son for hours at a time.  We recently went to Disneyland, and I wore my son almost the entire time we were there (just took him out to go on rides and for diaper changes).  It can be worn on the front or the back.  This is the only carrier that my husband loves as well.  And, we both love that it's organic!!! 

Another plus, NAP, Inc, the company that makes it, has excellent customer service!!!  We bought their original model shortly before they came out with their new one, and they credited us the amount we paid for it once we shipped it back, and they sent us a brand new one :)  Love, love, love this carrier!

Boba Carrier Organic 2G

Boba is a Soft Structured baby carrier (SSC) that is intended for toddlers 1-4 years old (15 pounds and up). Boba has a few extra inches of height to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your little one's back. The innovative thing about Boba carrier is that there are foot straps attached to the waist belt for the child's feet to sit in enabling a healthy sitting position for the child. The footstraps not only give little tired legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets, and aligns the spine.

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