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Great for tall babies/toddlers and nursing

A Review On: Boba Carrier Organic 2G

Boba Carrier Organic 2G

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Pros: Tall back for tall babies and discrete nursing

Cons: Buckles in the back are a bit high

Overall I am very happy with this carrier. I really love the high back. My son (12 months) is tall (98th percentile) and also very squirmy. When he would arch his back suddenly in other similar carriers with a lower back I worried he could fall out. I do not have that worry at all with the Boba. Also, the tall back allows him to snuggle down and nurse discretely while I continue whatever I am doing. This is an extremely important feature for me. Although I nurse in public all the time, I really enjoy that he can sit and nurse and take breaks as much as he wants and I don't have to worry about people seeing much of what is going on. The foot supports are also a great feature and they seem effective at keeping my son's legs from losing circulation.


The only downside I have noticed is that the top buckle in the back is pretty high and puts some stress on my shoulders and neck if it is not adjusted perfectly. And because my husband and I both use it I have to adjust it a lot. However, I think that having it up higher makes it much easier to put it on without help.


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