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Boba Classic Baby Carrier


Pros: Great for older kids, Sleep hood, Foot straps, Extremely comfortable

Cons: Cant snap the chest clip alone when child is on my front.

This carrier is amazing. I got it just after my son turned 2 years old. I have been carrying him for just about a year. And we love it. He loves the back carry but we also do front carries for when he is tired. I am a very small mama. 105lbs 5'2". And this carrier is perfect for me. My son does not care too much for the foot straps, But they can be a good thing. 
I also use this carrier for a 1 year old I babysit. We both love it. I strap him on my back and do chores. Without this thing, nothing would ever get done. I recommend this carrier to everyone I know. And will continue to do so. 


Pros: higher back to support baby, great support and weight distribution

Cons: wish that it had a pocket

Love my Boba....just bought it recently as I have a tall toddler who arches her back and was leaning out in the Ergo. The Boba resolves that problem as it has a higher back. I also like the wider waist and lower back support band, and the 2nd clip located higher than it is on the Ergo. The higher 2nd clip means that it is easier to secure your little one in place by yourself if wearing them in front. I like the footstrap feature too, my daughter isnt used to them yet. The detachable hood is a good idea too. The only negative that I have found so far is that it doesnt have a pocket to stash cell phone, cards, diaper etc. This is a remarkably comfortable carrier.



Pros: Easy to use, comfortable and versatile

I have the newest version of the Boba that just came out and I love it. We took it on vacation with us and used it at Disney.  It was so comfy and easy to get on and off.  I love it!


Pros: easy, stylish, organic,

Cons: i have no cons

I tried on many of the "good" soft backpack carriers.  The Becco, Ergo and Bebo were my top choices.  I tried on each one with my 18 month old son and he took to the Boba instantly.  He actually liked being on my back in the carrier. 

It is so comfortable, easy to adjust and easier to put on.  I thought the Becco was a bit short since my son is in the higher percentile for height for is age. 
I got the organic Tweet pattern, so cute.


I know that I will be using the Boba for several years and I am seeing the benefits to spending the extra money up front for the soft carrier that is comfortable, easy and stylish.  I have heard nothing but complaints about the cheaper carriers---they pinch, too much pressure on the shoulders and neck area.  I have hiked with my 25lb son and the Boba is comfortable the entire time.


Pros: comfortable, easy to use and adjust

Cons: not comfortable for me on front

I debated for a while which carrier to get. After reading reviews that said this had a longer/ higher body I bought this carrier. I love it! it is so comfortable and adjusting can easily be done even with the baby in the carrier. I love that I can wear my two year old, put him down and throw my 8 month on without having to adjust or anything.


Con for me as I am large chested the clips hit awkwardly under my arm and isn't comfortable in a from carrier. However Dh prefers a front carry with my younger son, he doesn't have the same issue.


Best advertisement I can give is we bought a second boba for Dh so we could both wear the kids within two weeks of receiving our first boba.



Pros: comfortable, sturdy, can keep my toddler close, easy on and off

Cons: none

I have been on the search for a back carrier for a while and I love this one. My daughter loves her peanut shell, but I'm over the pain of it! This is perfect for us, bc my little one can be close, but she doesn't feel confined...I guess that it's fun for her.


Pros: Tall shell, sturdy construction

Cons: Not for use with young infants

The Boba is a dedicated toddler carrier.  It is constructed well and very easy to use.  I really like the look of it and the size really does accommodate a large child.  It cannot be used with infants under 9 months.

Boba Classic Baby Carrier

Boba is a Soft Structured baby carrier (SSC) that is intended for toddlers 15 pounds and up. Boba has a few extra inches of height to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your little one's back. The innovative thing about the Boba carrier is that there are foot straps attached to the waist belt for the child's feet to sit in enabling a healthy sitting position for the child. The footstraps not only give little tired legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets, and aligns the spine. *accommodates children 15-45 lbs / 7-20 kg *one size fits most adults *Boba Classic collection made with 100% natural brushed cotton * Instructions included *high density waist and shoulder strap foam *high back for better overall support *body 13 inches wide and 16 inches tall *19 inch shoulder straps that extend an additional 19 inches *28 inch waist belt that extends to 56 inches *5 inch waist belt *weight of the carrier: 1.8 lbs

BindingBaby Product
FeatureFully adjustable straps and buckles
LabelNAP, Inc
List Price$100.00
ManufacturerNAP, Inc
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
PublisherNAP, Inc
StudioNAP, Inc
TitleBoba Classic Baby Carrier, Dusk
Release Date2010-08-27
Weight1.5 pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation4500
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Boba Classic Baby Carrier