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Very good carrier, adjustable to fit many different body types

A Review On: BOBA Organic Classic Baby Carrier 3G

BOBA Organic Classic Baby Carrier 3G

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Pros: easy to use, comfortable, easy to breastfeed in

Cons: I was underwhelmed by the choices of prints, unless it is adjusted *justright* there is an uncomfortable rubbing on the back of the arms

Overall I think this is a great baby carrier. I recently took it on vacation with my 6 month old. I didn't bring any other carrier or a stroller so it got a lot of use. When I first started using it I found it difficult to get the back strap snapped in a front carry but I have gotten better at it. I love that it can be adjusted so as to be comfortable for a wide range of users, but the downside of all the ways it can be adjusted is that once you get it just the way you want it you almost don't want to share it and have all your settings messed up!

The fabric is a lint magnet and starts to look dirty after a short while. I also wish there were larger pockets.

There are some great features, like the snaps on the shoulder strap that are for snapping the strap of a diaper bag or purse so it doesn't slip down. I have also used those snaps to snap on a toy or my keys.

All in all my complaints are minor and I think it is a very good choice for a baby carrier!

ETA: I reviewed the wrong product- can someone delete this?

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oops- I posted this in the wrong place. To clarify, the carrier I reviewed was the Boba 3G- not organic. I will repost this in the appropriate place