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Boppy Nursing Pillow with Slipcover Reviews


Boppy is very helpful in the early days


Pros: Good for positioning baby while nursing, comfortable for baby for tummy time

I used this pillow with all six of my babies.  How many items are that useful? ;)  I especially enjoy using it in the early days.  The pillow is at just the right height for me and it makes it very comfortable to nurse.  I never put it around me, but just under my arm so I do not tire out from holding my arm up.  My newborns also LOVE snuggling in it.  This was the only way I could sneek away to go to the potty without my little one waking up.  They felt very safe and the only way I could lay them down was to put them in the boppy pillow.  I carried it with me if I went out of town too.  They could safely have tummy time and learned to lift...
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You do not need one of these things


Pros: cute

New mamas, you don't need to get one of these things.  Just have a variety of pillows in your house...that you don't mind baby fluids on.  OK, so if you don't have those, the boppy isn't a bad thing to have around.  Be prepared that you might still need another pillow or two to use while you are bf.  These pillows are cute and they can be used to sit the baby up, but you really just do. not. *NEED* it. 

Good positioner, terrible for nursing infant


Pros: great to "hold" baby or for tummy time

Cons: no support for newborn, hard to keep in place

I loved the Boppy as a comfy spot to lay my son down for a few minutes or for tummy time, but hated it for it's intended use as a nursing pillow. It is way to soft and mushy to use for a floppy newborn. Totally frustrated this FTM. So glad I knew about My Brest Friend! Once your baby is a bit bigger and you've got the whole nursing thing down, the Boppy is fine, but really at that point, any pillow will do the same job. Meh.

Pretty good nursing pillow


Pros: easy to wash, comfortable, multiple uses

Cons: a little too rounded for newborns

I tried the boppy and my brest friend and strongly preferred the boppy.  Because the My brest friend pillow has a strap, it did adjust to exactly the height at which I wanted to nurse.  However, the strap and odd shape of the Brest Friend also made it incredibly difficult to wash which led to a pillow that reeked constantly of spit up.   The boppy is softer, and SO much easier to launder.  It also can be used for pregnancy, or to prop up a young baby during playtime.  If I could change one feature it would be to make at least one side of it a little flatter...when my baby was brand new, she would sometimes slip because the pillow was so round.  
Andrea Kim

Great for nursing and many other uses


Pros: Cute, versatile, comfortable, removable/machine washable cover, durable, cute covers, makes nursing easier

Cons: bulky, a little pricey

While I don't think the Boppy is a must-have item it did prove to be very useful. I have to say, I could live without but it is nice to have around. I used it for nursing my newborn/infant, propping her up for tummy-time or chill-out time, and a pillow for myself to lay or sit on. We've kept it around all this time (over 3 years!) and still use it. It is durable enough to be used for the next child as well. I would recommend getting the Boppy if you have a little extra baby-money to spend OR put it on your registry!

Great pillow for more than just nursing!


Pros: Easy to use, great support, cute covers, multiple uses

Cons: none

I got lucky enough to find an EUC boppy pillow and extra cover at a yard sale for $5! Yeah, I know... steal. ;) Anyway, I've LOVED it! It was wonderful to use for nursing support, but it does so much more than that! I love using it to lay my son on for tummy time, to sit him up when he was 1st learning to sit, to lay him on for secure naps, and now as a 2 year old, it's his still his favorite pillow to sit on! You really get your monies worth from this pillow, even if you pay full price! ;) ha

Another for the Give Away Pile


Pros: great for sitting on post partum

Cons: pointless, costly piece of nursery decor

The Boppy was one of those things I saw on everyone's must-have list of baby supplies, but I never even used it for breastfeeding. I ended up sitting on it post-partum like a donut cushion, and once I propped baby against it on the bed when I ran to the potty, but as far as a breastfeeding pillow, the whole concept was lost on me and it went into the give away pile with a whole host of other things I thought for sure I'd need but didn't. I'm a minimalist mama and I can't stand extraneous stuff... this was definitely extraneous beyond being a glorified and extra plush donut cushion.            

15 months of daily use and going strong


Pros: Supports baby for nursing

Cons: Was hard on c-sectioned tummy (great after healing)

I love, love, love my Boppy!  My son has been nursing for 15 months.  We taught him the ASL sign for milk, but when we're at home, he simply points to his Boppy to indicate that he wants to nurse-- It has become intimately linked with the comfort of being close to mama and nursing for him.  He frequently falls alseep nursing and using the Boppy I can hold him for long periods of time without my arms tiring
Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Nursing Pillows & Stools › Boppy Nursing Pillow with Slipcover › Boppy Nursing Pillow with Slipcover Reviews