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Bravado! Designs The Bliss Nursing Bra

67% Positive Reviews


Pros: Sizing?

Cons: Stretches out when worn, conical shape

This bra has not been a blissful experience for me. I am somewhere in the 32-34 E/F range currently, and expect to get bigger once baby is born. I bought this out of desperation - it was the only thing in-stock at the breastfeeding store I use, and I had to have *something* that weekend - and wish I could get my $54 back.


Pros are not that many for me -- other than it comes in sizes that theoretically work for me (not all bras do).


Cons: the fake underwire is a joke; the band AND cups stretched out a LOT within first few days of wear (!!), making this bra far too large for me within a week or ten days; cup shape is somewhat bizarrely conical and wide, although it has "softened" as it stretched out and this is less troublesome than it was at first; the center of the bra in the front is a little higher than pictured in my size, and sometimes shows under certain tops.


I would rate this a C-/D+


Pros: supportive, lightly padded, minorly attractive

Cons: pricey

Imagine my shock when the woman at the store measured me as an F cup.  An F!  She couldn't express the size of these boobs as a factor of D's.  Yowsa.  For the walking and running I do at work, it's going to take a hell of a bra to tame these ladies, and stretchy cotton was sure to cause a black eye or two.


Thank goodness they had the Bravado Bliss.  At first I sneered at the light lining, but really, it's great for hiding perky nipples just after feedings plus it acts as a very weak nursing pad.  I'm so glad it was there!  The bra itself has no underwire but still holds its shape fantastically, and the straps have a touch of embellishment so showing them off ain't so bad.  


The only warning- if you get milk on the black one, it'll show.  Since the bra is shiny, any milk just becomes a dull spot.  You can't tell on the white or cream, but on the black, it's plain as day.


Pros: comfortable, amazing fit, easy to wash, very supportive

Cons: none

I have tried a lot of bras, but I don't love any as much as my Bliss. I routinely wear this bra over any others. It is so comfortable and supportive. I never thought that a bra without an underwire could work for someone with a larger bust, but Bravado figured it out. I just wish that they made these in non nursing bras too.

I highly recommend following their sizing guidelines in order to get the best (and I do mean best!) fit.
Bravado! Designs The Bliss Nursing Bra

The Bliss Nursing Bra has our proprietary Flexi-Fit™ support channel that gives you an elegant shape and exceptional fit for everyday use. It features molded foam cups, a low neckline and a luxurious satiny finish, that disappears under clothing so all people see is your gorgeous silhouette—and all you feel is comfy and beautiful. What you’ll love about the Bliss Nursing Bra: Seamless Foam Cups that hide nipples and breast pads, while giving you a beautiful shape A flexible under-breast support channel that offers remarkable shape and lift while maintaining comfort and good breast health Beautiful satiny fabric, a delicate center front detail and embroidered straps that make you feel stunning Gentle stretch features in the cups that grow and contract with your changing shape while maintaining support Cups that drop down and away from your body giving baby complete access and providing you and your baby with skin-to-skin contact that is so very important, especially in the early stages of breastfeeding. Proprietary clips lie flat under close-fitting clothing and easily open and close with one hand.

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