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A Review On: Bravado! Designs The Bliss Nursing Bra

Bravado! Designs The Bliss Nursing Bra

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Pros: supportive, lightly padded, minorly attractive

Cons: pricey

Imagine my shock when the woman at the store measured me as an F cup.  An F!  She couldn't express the size of these boobs as a factor of D's.  Yowsa.  For the walking and running I do at work, it's going to take a hell of a bra to tame these ladies, and stretchy cotton was sure to cause a black eye or two.


Thank goodness they had the Bravado Bliss.  At first I sneered at the light lining, but really, it's great for hiding perky nipples just after feedings plus it acts as a very weak nursing pad.  I'm so glad it was there!  The bra itself has no underwire but still holds its shape fantastically, and the straps have a touch of embellishment so showing them off ain't so bad.  


The only warning- if you get milk on the black one, it'll show.  Since the bra is shiny, any milk just becomes a dull spot.  You can't tell on the white or cream, but on the black, it's plain as day.


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