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Bravado? Designs Bliss is not Blissful for me

A Review On: Bravado! Designs The Bliss Nursing Bra

Bravado! Designs The Bliss Nursing Bra

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Pros: Sizing?

Cons: Stretches out when worn, conical shape

This bra has not been a blissful experience for me. I am somewhere in the 32-34 E/F range currently, and expect to get bigger once baby is born. I bought this out of desperation - it was the only thing in-stock at the breastfeeding store I use, and I had to have *something* that weekend - and wish I could get my $54 back.


Pros are not that many for me -- other than it comes in sizes that theoretically work for me (not all bras do).


Cons: the fake underwire is a joke; the band AND cups stretched out a LOT within first few days of wear (!!), making this bra far too large for me within a week or ten days; cup shape is somewhat bizarrely conical and wide, although it has "softened" as it stretched out and this is less troublesome than it was at first; the center of the bra in the front is a little higher than pictured in my size, and sometimes shows under certain tops.


I would rate this a C-/D+


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