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Bravado! The Original Nursing Double Plus Bra, XL, White

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Good support, high quality, and lasts a couple years

Cons: Only basic colors available.

I have been wearing this bra since my first was born in 2006. I have since tried other bras, yet always come back to this one. These bras last around 3 years each, that is with a stash of only 4-5 at a time and getting washed and hung to dry repeatedly and wearing them 24/7. I am now on my 3rd stash, as I am now expecting my 3rd child in February. I have tried the silk bra in the past few months, that Bravado offers also, but it is worn only for special occasions. I really wish they would offer more of a selection of bras in larger sizes. I am blessed that this size fits me, otherwise I don't know what I would be wearing!


Pros: Fit, ease of use, durability

Cons: Shows under v-neck shirts, "uni-boob" look

Ah, good old faithful! This was my go-to bra for my first four kids. It was, in 2004, one of the only non-terrifying options available in my size (32/34 J at that time, yikes).


Pros = snap openings were very easy to use. I think they've switched to a more commonly found one-handed release, which is equally easy to use. These bras were incredibly durable - survived more than three years of breastfeeding, including 15 months with twins! Supportive, comfortable, wash well.


Cons = not very sexy, for sure. The regular and plus sizes have a "cross-over" style that is more attractive under clothing. The double-plus, industrial strength version comes up very high in the center of the front, and often shows under clothing. Also, it can give a bit of the "uni-boob" look.


Bottom line, a good value, comfortable and supportive. Not for a night on the town, and maybe not even for going to work in work clothing (?), but great around the house/on errands with kids, etc. Long-lasting.

Bravado! The Original Nursing Double Plus Bra, XL, White

Bravado! maternity/nursing bras are made from a blend of 92% cotton / 8% spandex that allows the cup to mold to your breast and support its changing shape all day long. The fabric has the ability to stretch and contract to fit your breasts without becoming too tight when your breasts are full. This reduces the risk of mastitis and allows room for breast pads without making the bra too tight.

FeatureBasic size: When light to moderate support is all you need. Plus size: When you need more support for a heavier breast. Double plus size: When you need maximum support and coverage for heavier breasts. A sports bra styled back that provides excellent upper-middle back support and holds the shoulder straps in place, even during nursing Snaps that lie flat under close fitting clothing and that can be opened and closed with one hand Cups that drop fully away from the breast, giving complete access for the baby Adjustable shoulder straps for extra comfort
TitleBravado! The Original Nursing Double Plus Bra, XL, White
BrandBravado! Designs
ModelStill-BH Double_Plus
UPCList - UPCListElement807978020289
Item Weight0.28 pounds
Package Height1.1 inches
Package Length8 inches
Package Weight0.3 pounds
Package Width5.6 inches
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Mothering › Product Reviews › Breastfeeding › Nursing Bras and Clothing › Bravado! The Original Nursing Double Plus Bra, XL, White