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bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Diaper Creams


Pros: easily attaches to toilet, good strong spray

Cons: if you leave the valve open it sometimes leaks

this was a wonderful shower gift - something I never knew I needed, and now something Id rather not do without. I waited to install this until my daughter was eating solid food, but wish Id used it from early on. It was extremely easy to install - no plumber necessary - I did it during one of my daughters short short naps. It hangs unobstrusively on the side of the toilet so is within easy reach when you need it but not in the way when you don't. It has a good strong spray that easily loosens solids from the diaper. You do need to remember to turn the valve on and off before and after each use. The instructions tell you to do this and Id really suggest following the instructions in this case. I didn't to begin with and did find that it leaked water onto the floor. I now follow their instructions and there have been no more leaks!

bumgenuis diaper sprayer installed


Pros: easy to set up, adjustable pressure for spray

Cons: none so far

 We purchased this diaper sprayer online when we started using cloth diapers a few weeks ago.  I wasn't sure about the switch as I didn't know if the diapers were actually going to get clean and was worried about sending all that "debris" into my washing machine.  The sprayer is amazing!  We just keep the diaper pail in the bathroom and spray off the diapers before tossing them in.  It really does remove any solid matter (my baby is breastfed, so just that seedy type stuff) with little effort from you.  I like this much better than our original plan of doing an initial swish or soak before the wash.  Well wort the money.


Pros: Bye, Bye Messy Diapers!

Cons: We've got an older toilet, so we've got some leaking issues...

Absolutely LOVE the BG Diaper Sprayer!  So nice to not have to "swish" the diaper in the toilet to get it clean... and I'm picky about how much "mess" is left on my diapers too... NEVER thought I could love a product so much!!!!


We do have slight leak issues (temporarily fixed with some Plumbers Putty) but it's due to an older toilet and set-up... hoping to get new connections and have the problem fixed!  :)


Pros: adjustable water pressure

I love this diaper sprayer. It's made cloth diapering so much easier. 

It's easy to install. It has held up for around a year and a half now and I believe it'll hold up for a long while more. If it ever does fail me, I'll get another even if I'm not cloth diapering anymore because it is so convenient having a spray nozzle on the toilet. I didn't know what I was missing. orngbiggrin.gif

I cloth diapered without the sprayer for almost 2 years off and on and it was a pain to dunk and swish in my opinion but doable if you have to. I'd just much rather have the diaper sprayer.


It works really well for cleaning up other things as well - examples: puke, food, buckets, etc. 

bumGenius Diaper Sprayer

The popular Diaper Sprayer from bumGenius is now updated with new anti-drip technology. Its high-pressure spray rinses clean even the messiest diapers. The mess goes where it is supposed to go - and your hands stay clean.

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