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A Review On: BumGenius Freetime All in One - One Size - Moonbeam Snap

BumGenius Freetime All in One - One Size - Moonbeam Snap

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Pros: Easy to use, no leakage, super cute, durable, soft material against skin, high quality fabrics

Cons: Long dry time

This diaper is awesome! It's all we use now, even overnight, and I have never had any leaks. My LO has been using them from 12 mos to 15 mos so far. They do take a while to air dry, but I'm sure once summer comes and I can dry outdoors it will be speedier. I've just been planning washes so they can dry overnight. The micro suede is very soft and keeps her dry. I've had absolutely no breakdowns issues after roughly 45 washes. I bought one in every color, and love them all.


I also prefer snaps over Velcro, I think the Velcro wears down pretty quickly. 


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