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bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0

91% Positive Reviews
Rated #14 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: trim, premium brand, adorable, velcro lasts,

Cons: if baby gets chubby fast you are outta luck

BG 4.0

Bumgenius is a premium brand for many reasons, one of them being the quality, not-made-in-china construction. These things never quit. They are the energizer bunny of cloth diapers. I especially like that the velcro tabs on this edition never fail. A summary of the pros and cons is below:



  • trim fit

  • these pockets are large and easy to double stuff for nighttimes!

  • premium brand quality, and name recognition so you can get some money back out in resale

  • adorable colors, and the prints are to die for (but that's another reveiw)

  • the velcro lasts and lasts, perfect for little baby change-ings.

  • the edition has velcro tabs that do not die like the 3.0s



  • only go on sale a few times a year

  • not for chubby babies


I will say it again, I lLOVE my bg diapers. They work well and hold their value, cutting down the cost of CD over time. Also, with the sweet butterfly tabs these things are super cute! When I'm tired and ready to cave and reach for a disposable, the cute factor is inspiring: it helps me keep going when the dollars and cents don't cut it.   


Pros: great fit, no leaks

Cons: on the expensive side

I love my bum genius 4.0's! They are a trim fit and we have never had a leak.  We use have used them for the past two months on my 4.5 mo old.  She is super long and thin so some diapers just don't work well for us (like the fuzzibunz).  I just wish they offered more pattern choices.  I thought I would get tired of stuffing pockets but they are so much quicker to dry than all in ones.  I like the BG inserts and have not yet had to double up whereas I have with sunbaby.


Pros: good fit, trimmer than some pockets, stay dry lining is great

Cons: has issues with aplix over time, prone to repelling issues

I have to say BGs are among my favourites, they have always fit well and held up so far for almost 2 years. I am in process of having my 3.0s converted to snaps because the velcro is wearing out, but they are washed and dried in the dryer 90% of the time with natural fibers so they tend to velcro to them. My 4.0s with snaps are fantastic, I bought them with snaps knowing the velcro tends to wear out and they are both mine and DHs go-to dipes. I have a number of other pockets to compare them to (FB, CB, Blueberries, kawaii, HH AMPs, and others) and while the fit is a bit trimmer on FB and CB I find that the microsuede used in these feels dryer and doesn't turn grey like the CB and FB microfleece. These are trimmer than some pockets (ie blueberries and kawaiis) when stuffed the same (both inserts).


I have many different brands of pocket diapers that I have been using for 3years . Bum Genius has never met my expectations for quality, even their new 4.0. Thee is a reason that Bum Genius is cheaper than other pocket diapers- because the company sources the cheapest materials they can find to make a diaper possible. The fleece they use for the pocket is the thinnest fleece you have ever seen- thinner than I have ever seen- you can see right through it!  The PUL lining is also very thin and will not stand up to the wear and tear that other diapers will.  The company's goal seems to be to get big (i.e., sell at Target.com) not to produce a quality product. Cloth diapering ought to be an investment that you don't have to replace after a year or two. Want better quality? Try FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, or Swaddlebees/Blueberry. 


Pros: Not bulky, high quality, well made, least leaks of all dipes so far!

Cons: Lots of pretty pastel colors but few prints, expensive (in Canada!)

Looove these dipaers! As a FTM, wasn't sure I could handle the whole cloth diapering adventure, but my BG 4.0s make it very simple! A little too pricey to have only BGs in my rotation (I wish!!) But it is always the diaper I pick first when the whole lot is clean!!! Highly recommended!!


Pros: holds leaks, cute, fit well, affordable, easy, great for baby sitters, straight forward concept

Cons: aplix becomes useless after a few months of heavy use, cost

These are the diapers I reach for first.  



They work overnight*.  The baby sitter understands them.  The husband understands them.  They fit the baby.  They come in cute overs and are priced OK for pocket diapers.


CONS: The aplix starts to curl and become useless after some months of heavy use.  (There is a replacement kit for $1, but I really have better things to do than be fixing fairly new diapers.)  Easy for toddler to rip off of himself. ;) (He now wears PANTS all the time, no more running around in a diaper.)  


*For overnight we use both the newborn and expandable stuffer and a stay dry insert.

**I have not used the snap version of this diaper.  It would probably solve the velcro wearing out - but then it wouldn't be so easy for the baby sitter to put on a squirmy child.




Pros: good fit, never leaked or had blow-outs, easy to clean

This diaper is the closest to a disposable in fit and look that we have used. I have some snaps, which do last longer, but I like the h/L bc it fits better. Sometimes the snap diapers can fit weird between sizes. We never had any leaks, unless the diaper wasn't put on correctly or changed in a timely manner. Also, I started with cloth when my daughter was 7m and we only own 9 or these, plus 2 flips with inserts and the wear has been great. The velcro is beginning to pill, but it will be worth it to replace them and re-use with our next baby. We never kept any of the other clothies that we tried, they just weren't worth it in comparison to BG's...


Pros: trim, few leaks, nice lining cloth that resists stains

Cons: small, even for a one-size.

I got one of these as a gift at my baby shower. Comparing them to the inexpensive Kawaii Diapers that I bought myself,  these have nice materials.  The inner liner is really stain-resistant and soft.  The velcro fasteners leave a lot to be desired.  I would go with snaps if buying them myself.  The sizing is pretty small.  My 8 month old is already on the largest setting and I doubt he'll last long in it. 


For the price, I would choose another diaper.  I just cannot afford the nearly $20/diaper price tag.


bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0

bumGenius One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper has a soft inside to wick moisture away from baby and a waterproof outside. Our patent pending butterfly closure system with stretchy tabs provides a comfortable, trim fit. The super stretchy, gentle leg and back elastic prevent leaks. Plus our unique covered pocket opening keeps wetness completely off of your baby. The easily adjustable 3x3 snap down design adjusts the sizing to fit small, medium and large sizes from 7 -35 pounds. This 100% reusable diaper and diaper insert is environmentally friendly, prevents landfill waste and saves money.

BindingBaby Product
Feature3x3 snap system adjusts to fit babies 7-35 pounds (patent pending)
Product GroupBaby Product
Product Type NameBABY_PRODUCT
TitlebumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper 4.0 - Grasshopper - Hook & Loop
Height2 inches
Length6 inches
Weight0.35 pounds
Width6 inches
Sizeone size
TypePocket Diaper
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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