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Really dislike the velcro

A Review On: Bummis Super Brite Diaper Cover, Green, 8-16 Pounds

Bummis Super Brite Diaper Cover, Green, 8-16 Pounds

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Denise Poirier
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Pros: Nice fabric, no leaks

Cons: Tight fit for chubby legs, Velcro ruins diapers in wash even when on laundry tabs

I am turned off by this diaper for the velcro alone. Even when the laundry tabs were fastened, the velcro still stuck to everything and they are a mess after only a few months. I will only purchase this brand with snaps next time. The Material is great! We had no leaks, they were a bit bulky but not too bad. They were a pretty tight fit however around the legs on our chubby legged boy so thats something to keep in mind. Love the prints!


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