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Bummis Super Whisper Wrap Reviews

Positive Reviews

short mom

family favorite


Pros: bright color, soft and breathable

Cons: could leak at times

I had a very small baby and the extra small whisper wrap was our favorite. It was one of the only covers that was not way too big. I loved the fit and the bright color. It was great for daytime but would not stand alone for night wear. 

Negative Reviews


Not for Me


Pros: inexpensive, easy to use

Cons: soils easily

This is probably my least favorite of my wraps.   Cons: It is not stain resistant. It does not last multiple diaper changes. I found I would have to throw it in the laundry generally after every use. I did not like the fit of it. I do not like aplix, which it has. It was also the first cover that she outgrew. I cannot speak for larger sizes because I have not bought any nor do I have any intentions of buying any in larger sizes but the newborn size did not fit for very long at all and my daughter is tiny. This became my diaper bag, in case all else fails cover, so I could use her better covers day to day. It is an easy to use cover. If you do not like any PUL next to your...
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More Reviews


Great fit, but sometimes leaks.


Pros: Fits well, easy to wash, durable, soft on baby's skin

Cons: Velcro isn't very strong, leaks, need a new cover at every pee

I liked these diapers because they had the inside lining, too - it wasn't just PUL against baby's skin. I thought that was a pro- but it's also a con because I felt like I needed a new cover at every change, even pee. I felt like the smell stuck around with these versus the ones with the PUL showing on the inside.   We did have leaks from time to time through the front velcro stitching.    Overall, I thought these were nice diapers that fit well and wore well, but I don't think I would buy them again. I preferred the Bummis Super Brite.

Lasting value


Pros: fit my chubby boy well

Cons: stain magnet

I bought 5 nb and 5 small  whisper wraps used and have been completely satified.  THey have held up well, fit my baby's chubby legs and stay velcroed. 

for all the brave daddys!


Pros: durable, inexpensive, CUTE

Cons: high learning curve, velcro wear, size issues

Bummis wraps were my absolute favorite of the wrap-prefold-snappi system.  Durable- they last like nothing else.  Easy to use as far as prefolds go, and lots of room in there for extra stuffing at night.  We had a few issues with the velcro, and sizing it right was hard because the size is written in small font on the tag on the back.  But the deal breaker was the whole prefold system is a bit much to ask of my DH.    The prefold system is essentially, every few days, lay down the wrap, fold a cloth diaper insert, layer another microfiber insert, and wrap around the baby. Most of the time you can just change out the inserts (insert singular if you...
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Nice basic cover


Pros: durable, affordable, easy to use

Cons: No gussets for skinny legs

We had some of these when my daughter was small and she had leaks and blow outs in them. Now that she is a little bigger they fit her better and are great. We really like how they stand up to abuse (we wash them in the HE washer more than is recomended) but the Super Brite ones are a better fit for skinny kids because they have the gussets.



Pros: Fit, waterproof

Cons: No gussets, twice as likely to leak

I had one of these in white for my newborn daughter. We started cloth after she was a month old with this, some thirsties, and impse vimpse covers. This one was ok, I didn't like that it had no gussets and it was the first to leak and was twice as likely to leak poo than than all other cover/diaper combos we used.

good cover


Pros: holds everything in!

Cons: too small for fitted diapers

love them! wish they'd fit better w my daughter's big fitted's, though.

Good for babies that are too small for All-In-Ones

I got these in infant size for when my son was first born because he was on the small side (6 lbs). They worked well when he was little, but once he grew and started um... eliminating more they leaked. I then switched to Softbums all-in-two diapers which I like better.

Great Cover


Pros: Good Quality, Soft, Easy to Use

Cons: Hard to clean, Stains Easily

We've been using these covers for our daughter since we brought her home from the hospital.  The covers are easy to use and straight forward.  Our biggest complaint about them is how easily they stain.

Bummis covers


Pros: good quality, leak proof,

Cons: laundry tabs small, not great on chubby thighs

I've had all sizes of the Bummis and love this cover.   They have held up really well, even when I was less than careful with them and washed them with my diapers (I wouldn't reccomend this) but I'm still using them the second time around and now line dry. I've gotten a lot of use out of my Bummis covers.   They aren't a great cover for chubby thighs though and do leave red marks.   The old style have really small laundry tabs which came off but I see they are larger now on the newer ones.   I do like to use them in a large rotation because the additional PUL layer can hold in the smell if not aired out long enough.

Gets the job done, but not perfect


Pros: Soft, easy to wash, very effective

Cons: looks grungy & velcro wears out w/ frequent use

I bought 18 white BSWWs with hook&loop closures (6 per size) for my first DD in 2006, and am using them now with DD#2.   Pros: Soft Velcro makes it very adjustable for skinnier babies Contains pooptastrophes well; elastic around legs holds up well! Very easy to wash/dry Contains wetness 100%. PUL hasn't deteriorated at all, even with occasional hot dries, etc.   Cons: Velcro wore out with frequent use, and had to replace the velcro for baby #2. Turned gray and grungy-looking, even though they were always washed with white prefolds Elastic sometimes left pink leg marks   Overall we have been very happy with them.  If we could go back in...
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