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Adorable prints, pricey splurge

A Review On: Bummis Tot Bots Easy Fit One-Piece Diaper 8-35 lbs

Bummis Tot Bots Easy Fit One-Piece Diaper 8-35 lbs

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Pros: Amazing prints, attached insert, one piece, strong velcro

Cons: Pricey, some leaks, slow to line dry

Let me start by saying that if I lived in England/Scotland, we would probably diaper exclusively with Tots Bots. That said, I am in the US, so the increased cost of these associated with the guilt over our fossil fuel footprint make that impractical. I fell in love with the prints through their sister company Bummis (based in Canada) and splurged on a couple for my daughter. The prints are even more adorable in person. I was a bit perplexed by the attached insert at first, but quickly began to appreciate not having to look for a separate insert. We went with the velcro fastener and they are strong and held up well. We did have some leaks if my girl peed a large amount, but for the most part these are comparable to other popular brands in the leak department. We do line dry all our diapers, and these take a very long time to do so. I did notice that this was the first diaper my husband grabbed, because he liked the velcro and the one piece design. These were definitely the diaper I grabbed when we were showing off our cloth! 


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