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Disappointed when I looked into the ingredients! NOT non-toxic...

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Pros: 99% Natural; Makes skin soft, supple

Cons: Includes Phenoxyethanol, which causes reproductive and developmental toxicity

So I've always trusted Burt's Bees to be safe, and I've used this cream for awhile before getting pregnant, and it worked wonders for my thighs and buttocks.. but once I confirmed I was pregnant, I became much more conscious about what I was putting on my body. I noticed the tub only said "99% natural ingredients" so I looked into what the other 1% was made up of... 

I learned that Burt's Bees includes the ingredient Phenoxyethanol, which is known to cause reproductive and developmental toxicity. It is a preservative that they use in sunscreens, lotions, pharmaceuticals, etc.. and it is TOXIC to us. Avoid this product!


I only gave it two stars since the other ingredients seemed to be what you'd be looking for: jojoba oil, cocoa butter, aloe, ... things like that. But seriously don't use this stuff. Find the natural product! 

I used GoodGuide.com to find the list of ingredients with an explanation of their safety and health ratings.


After I saw this information, I threw out my Burt's Bees products (and half of everything else I own) and ordered some of the Earth Mama "Angel Baby Earth Mama Body Butter" that is 100% ALL NATURAL, PURE and safe for mom and baby! (And much cheaper than the other products I had seen on Mothering.com, which is why I had opted for Burt's in the first place...)

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Katelyn, if you want I can show you how to make some body butter that works great for a growing belly, and also for sore nipples & baby booty post partum. Cheaper, and so easy!