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You had me at calendula, and then lost me at OUCH

A Review On: Calendula Cream 2oz

Calendula Cream 2oz

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Pros: inspired me to try things before putting them on baby

Cons: OUCH

When we first got this stuff, I was all, yay, a great cream for baby's bum.  Then, while I was applying it, I felt my fingers tingle.  I thought nothing of it at first, but it happened every dang time I changed the diaper and it was kinda wierd.


I put some of it on my hands and was amazed to find it burned and stung like cheap Walmart-pack-of-five-lotions do. I have super sensitive skin, and after that, I do a trial run on myself before the girls.  Given how easy it is to label products a natural (when they aren't or are only kind of sort of part way there), its the easiest way to tell if something will work for me or not.



-not expensive, so if it could work for you, its not a big investment to find out

-no colors added

-silky texture

-easy to rinse off if it hurts



-dang but the stuff stings, its a big OUCH

-no idea what is in it that hurts so bad but its really awkward to go from diaper changing to bath times for baby and trying to get your own hands clean of the stuff too. 


Moral of the story: do your trial run some time other than changing time.  


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