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Good, basic Vit. D drops

A Review On: Carlson Vitamin D Baby Drops 400iu 11 ml drops

Carlson Vitamin D Baby Drops 400iu 11 ml drops

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Pros: Built-in dropper

Cons: a bit pricey

We decided to supplement our DD with Vit. D drops because she was in daycare full-time. What I like about this brand is that it has a built-in dropper that measures out the perfect drop, which is easier to use when you have a baby in one hand. I've read online that those with a built-in dropper can be difficult to use and easy to overdose, but I found that this one works just fine as long as you follow the instructions. Like another reviewer said, it's pricey up front but does last for the entire year (or even longer if, like me, you forget to give a drop every day)! smile.gif


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