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Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier Reviews


Veratile buckle carrier


Pros: Dual adjustable buckles, crossable straps

Cons: Older fabric stiff

I bought the Pikkolo to have an option for a buckle carrier where my little one could have his legs out rather than in. The Pikkolo has an adjustable base which allows both small babies to be legs out and also any baby to face forward while still sitting ergonomically. I tried it out, immediately, with my 3yo son, and was amazed at how comfy it was, even with him. The baby was far more comfortable, of course, and I found the adjustable base was great for finding a perfect fit for him. My favorite features of the Pikkolo are the shoulder straps that unbuckle completely (versus my older Ergo I had before it) so you can cross them on your back for greater comfort; and the dual-adjustable...
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A Good Front Carrier for Infants


Pros: Can be used with newborns (8lbs+); can be shared by different physiques; easy to use

Cons: Can be hard on back; shoulder straps can ride up neck; fit can be tougher for large-breasted wearers

My husband and I tried this and the Babyhawk Oh Snap on in the store and at first decided to get the Babyhawk, because we were both going to use the carrier and the length of the Babyhawk seemed better for sharing, since I'm 5'7" and he's 6'3".  However, I really liked the shorter body of the Catbird, and ended up getting one for my baby shower.   I am so glad we did!  The Pikkolo can be used with newborns from 8lbs, and we used it every single day of the first 6 weeks of our LO's life.  We were new to parenthood, and babywearing, and our baby hated being put down for one second.  It was an absolute lifesaver to be able to pop her into the Pikkolo and be able to get things down while...
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The Pikkolo Carrier gets an A from me!


Pros: Great back carrier, can cinch the seat, comes with a hood, easy to use, comfortable

Cons: Body seems a bit short, material is heavy and hot

The Pikkolo has really helped me get stuff done around the house with a 4 month old (19 lbs, 26 in)who loves to be carried. The back carry is very easy to do and is very comfortable for both my daughter and me. I have found it to be easy to adjust with and without baby in it. It is nice to have the dual adjusting straps as well. I got the support belt, but have not had to use it yet. Overall, I love this carrier!

Good Compact Carrier for Strolling


Pros: neat and compact, forward facing front carry safe positioning

Cons: hard to adjust straps for front carry

I got a Pikkolo because my baby wanted to face forward in a front carry position, and I had heard how bad it is for baby's spine and development in other carriers (like Baby Björn) where the baby's dangling from their crotch, whereas the Pikkolo can be cinched at the bottom and form a seat for baby facing forward. So this is one great use of it, however you need to stuff a towel in front of baby's chest in this position as it doesn't quite fit right. For regular front carries it's really form-fitting which I like. However, I find it nearly impossible to adjust the straps as they pull backwards and are on my back. The hip strap also has the buckles in an awkward inward position which makes...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Babywearing › Soft Structured Carriers › Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier › Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier Reviews