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A Good Front Carrier for Infants

A Review On: Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier

Catbird Baby Pikkolo Carrier

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Pros: Can be used with newborns (8lbs+); can be shared by different physiques; easy to use

Cons: Can be hard on back; shoulder straps can ride up neck; fit can be tougher for large-breasted wearers

My husband and I tried this and the Babyhawk Oh Snap on in the store and at first decided to get the Babyhawk, because we were both going to use the carrier and the length of the Babyhawk seemed better for sharing, since I'm 5'7" and he's 6'3".  However, I really liked the shorter body of the Catbird, and ended up getting one for my baby shower.


I am so glad we did!  The Pikkolo can be used with newborns from 8lbs, and we used it every single day of the first 6 weeks of our LO's life.  We were new to parenthood, and babywearing, and our baby hated being put down for one second.  It was an absolute lifesaver to be able to pop her into the

Pikkolo and be able to get things down while simultaneously meeting her need to be held.  Despite the differences in our heights, both DH and I are able to wear our baby in the Pikkolo comfortably.  I found the buckles and straps very easy to use, and actually liked that the chest straps were dual-adjusting--you can tighten them by pulling them forward or backward (or, both, which is what I do).  Finally, we've just started to use the cinch seat to put our baby (at 2.5 months) forward-facing with her feet out.  She was getting a bit too tall (at 24ish inches) to just have her legs "froggied" in the carrier pouch, because too much of her torso was above the top of the carrier.


A few caveats, however: first, while I do love the carrier, it's starting to already put a decent strain on my lower back when I take my baby on long walks.  I do have the hip belt attachment, but haven't put it on the carrier yet, so I'm hoping that will make a difference.  I also found that the shoulder straps ride a bit close to the neck, which can be uncomfortable; however, as baby has gotten bigger, this has been less of an issue, so I think it has to do with weight distribution in the carrier.  Finally, a problem that will only affect certain users: if you have very large breasts, it will take some playing with the chest straps to get the right fit, and your breasts may end up hanging out on either side of the carrier (as mine do), which looks a bit weird.  However, my breasts are a 44I, so if you are smaller on top, you will hopefully not have this problem.


Overall, though, I'm quite pleased with this carrier.


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