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Promoting a Lifelong Love of Reading

  I remember when my oldest daughter was an infant.  Everything was fresh and new, and I was eager and excited.  I wanted what was best for her.  I wanted to give her the world.   And I would turn on the television or open a parent’s magazine, and I would be bombarded with advertisements about programs to teach infants to read.  The claims were remarkable with tots who are barely old enough to speak able to read off of flashcards, and slightly older children reading books way above what one would expect.   And I admit.  I was intrigued.  We all know how important... read more

3 Rules for Bedtime Reading

New research reveals that fewer and fewer parents share bedtime reading with their children. More than one-third of parents in one study don't do any bedtime reading with their kids. Whether it's due to time-crunch, life stress or (as reported by almost half the study's parents) that their children prefer television, toys or computer games, dropping bedtime reading creates a loss with potential lifelong repercussions. My rules simplify things to help nurture and protect your bedtime reading routine.   I'll keep this brief, because frankly, I think one of the culprits... read more

Bonding through Books

A Journey Through Childhood with Seuss

When I was pregnant with my oldest, I desperately wanted to decorate her room with a Dr Seuss theme, but since this was in the days before Dr Seuss Knows A Lot About That, there were a grand total of zero wall or bed or floor decorations in Seuss themes.  There were plenty of tutorials for drawing your own on the wall, but since when it comes to art, I am all thumbs, we had to choose a different theme.  I was bummed because I wanted my daughter to be surrounded with as many books and literary allusions as possible from the earliest days.   Then I read a study that... read more

5 Inspiring Story Lists in Celebration of International Children's Book Day!

  To help inspire a love of reading in all kids, April 2nd is International Children's Book Day (Hans Christian Andersen's birthday) and April 13-19 is National Library Week!    In celebration of these great initiatives we're sharing five fun kids' story collections on everything from breastfeeding and bonding to girl power. We hope you'll love these books as much as we do!   Children's Books that Depict Breastfeeding   We recently asked the Mothering community to share kids' books that depict breastfeeding and were thrilled by the response. We have pulled... read more

Mothering › Product Reviews › Books, Music and Media › Books Music Media Articles