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Diapering Articles

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Enter to Win an Awesome Cloth Diaper Package from The Green Nursery!!

Winner announced — see who it is here. Stay connected to giveaways by subscribing to our RSS feed or visiting our giveaways page. Mothering is teaming up with The Green Nursery to bring you an exciting chance to win a One Size Cloth Diaper Starter Bundle and a Sophie the Giraffe!! Find out how to enter below! The bundle includes: 1 GroVia Shell | 2 GroVia Snap-In Soaker Pads | 2 bumGenius 4.0 with 2 included inserts | FuzziBunz One Size with 2 Inserts  | Sophie the Giraffe The Green Nursery is a natural baby boutique that specializes in... read more

Free Cloth Diapers Change a Community

Thank you to Rev. Caela Simmons Wood for this guest post. There is a great irony in the world of cloth diapering. The parents who could benefit the most from the financial savings associated with cloth diapering are often times the very parents who can’t get together enough cash to begin the process. Sure, saving $2,000 on diapers sounds amazing. Especially if you’re a family that’s living paycheck to paycheck. But when you start looking into the options and find that you probably need at least $250 to get a decent set of diapers together it’s more realistic... read more

Planning a 2012 Great Cloth Diaper Change Event

As of Tuesday, 3/13/12, there are 232 officially registered Great Cloth Diaper Change hosts planning events for April 21st in 13 countries.  Stacy Mojica is planning one in Savannah, GA and offered to share her experiences here. I am a new Real Diaper Association (RDA) leader. We just started our Low Country Real Diaper Circle (LCRDC) here in Savannah, GA in early January 2012. We attracted members from our existing vibrant and active local natural parenting community.  In just under three months, we already have 72 members, with a core group of about 10 who... read more

Soft new baby, soft new diapers

You have heard that cloth diapers are better for the environment and for your wallets, but what about the babies themselves? Doctors recommend that babies be changed every 2-3 hours (except in the case of nap time and overnight) and even more frequently for newborns since they poop more often. A baby sitting in any diaper for a prolonged amount of time will result in a rash, though this is not the only source of rashes by any means since rashes can also be caused from food allergies and teething among other sources. Unfortunately, our society has... read more

Cloth Diapering in Daycare

With Real Diaper Week approaching, many cloth diaper users are considering ways to educate their communities about cloth diapers.  On Thursday, 4/19, one of the focuses will be on educating daycare providers about cloth diapers.  But how easy is it to use cloth diapers in daycare?  Read on to find out… Choosing the right daycare is one of the hardest decisions parents face when going back to work.  The desire to cloth diaper your baby does not have to add to the anxiety!  With modern cloth diapers, it’s just as easy to use cloth in daycare as... read more

Conducting Cloth Diaper Outreach

Consider these statistics: According to a 2010 study, one third of U.S. mothers are cutting back on basic necessities (such as food, utilities, and childcare) to buy diapers for their children. Approximately 90% of Americans use single-use plastic diapers, generating 7.6 billion pounds of garbage each year. This is enough waste to fill Yankee Stadium 15 times over. In the two minutes it will take you to read this post, another 106,000 throwaway diapers will enter landfills in the U.S. where they will sit for at least... read more

How to Cloth Diaper

Cloth diapering is as easy as can be!  If you attend a Great Cloth Diaper Change event on April 21, you will have lots of experienced parents available to help you out.  In the meantime, here are some easy steps to follow for you to be able to successfully cloth diaper.     1. Find a diaper that works for you.  The same diaper that works for your best friend might not be a cloth diaper that works for you and your child!  If you are just starting out, I HIGHLY recommend getting a few different kinds of cloth diapers to try out before you commit to... read more

But, can you SEW a cloth diaper?

Yes, YOU can. Sewing cloth diapers can be very intimidating at first. Patterns and fabric choices can be overwhelming but, with a little guidance and thought, it can be a breeze! The key thing to remember in diaper sewing for yourself: It has to catch and hold whatever mess your little one is going to produce until you get the diaper changed. I started on the cloth diaper journey when my oldest child was born 10 years ago. Seemed simple enough, I took a cloth diaper a friend gave me and took it apart, I looked at a disposable, and traced that. Then, I... read more

Mothering › Product Reviews › Diapering › Diapering Articles