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Education Books Articles

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Books For Early Advanced Readers

Please share books that may appeal to children who are reading ahead of their chronological age, with content that is appropriate for younger readers.  (To add another line to the table, just put your cursor in the last box and hit tab. To add in the middle right click.)   I've chosen to use Lexile because that seems to be a better measure of difficulty than grade level. If you're interested, here's a conversion chart for Lexile-Grade Level.  3rd grade is about 600-730 for... read more

Five Tips for Helping Tweens (Re)Discover Pleasure Reading

By Leah Lesser   Homework. Swimming. Riding (or insert any other sport or activity). Saxophone. Friends. Family time. Dinner. Homework. Bedtime Story. Sleep. Add in there a bit of laughter, play, riding bikes with siblings, and chores, and you’ve got the makings of a very busy tween.   Does any of this sound familiar?   We’re living it. Our 11-year-old daughter can make my busiest days look fairly tame. And she doesn’t even come close to some of her friends who are taking on four or five after-school activities.   One of the things she has talked... read more

Get Ready To Read By Playing

By Laura Grace Weldon     To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark.  - Victor Hugo   Reading readiness doesn't come from educational toys or programs. It rises from exactly what kids already like to do: moving their bodies, enjoying words, and free play. Why?   Movement helps children develop the necessary brain-body maturation that must be in place before they can make sense of something as abstract as symbols that decode into words. Find out what kinds of movements are essential here.     Reading aloud... read more

Cows and Preschool Homeschooling

By Julie Shaffer   My sweet little Lu, at the tender age of 3, went to her first day of preschool last week. It is just a little summer program that is once a week for four weeks, but it still counts as preschool to me. Because of Lucy's special needs she will have a Personal Care Aide with her at all times in school and since A.) they haven't found one for her yet and B.) even if they had found one, I would not have felt I knew that person enough to just leave Lucy with them, I will stay with her at least for the summer, but probably a little in the fall as well. ... read more

Bored - Nothing to Do!

  By Sheryl Paul Everest and I have been reading a wonderful book we picked up at the library called, “Bored – Nothing to Do!” by Peter Spier. It’s a picture book about two adolescent brothers who, after being ordered by their mother to “Go do something! I was never bored at your age!” decide to build an airplane using materials that require them to completely dismantle their house. Everest, the consummate mess-maker and destruction artist, thinks the book is hysterically funny and laughs at every page. But I wonder if he’s also responding to the book’s subtext:... read more

Mothering › Product Reviews › Books, Music and Media › Education Books › Education Books Articles