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Fairy Tales: Soul Food for Children

“But they’re so awful!” This is a response I often hear from parents when I recommend Grimms' fairy tales as reading fare for their children. While Grimms' is all the rage these days for adults, parents often recoil at the idea of regaling their young children with stories of orphans and witches, kidnappings and murders -- at bedtime no less. Understandable. But savvy parents understand that fairy tales are soul food for children. They nourish the developing psyche in complex ways. But the real ones, not the prettied-up, pasteurized ones.   The Brothers Grimm... read more

Teaching Science at Home: A Guide for Parents

As more and more parents, educators and politicians recognize the importance of strong science and engineering education for our youth, increased opportunities are appearing for kids at school and in the community. A growing focus on these subjects in some schools and after school programs like STEM offer young children an educational boost: preparing them for future learning.    But what about teaching science at home? According to many parents, one of the hardest subjects to tackle themselves is science--especially once you start moving past the life... read more

Recommended Science Curriculum: Supercharged Science

This article is part of our guide to Teaching Science at Home.   What is Supercharged Science?   Created by rocket scientist and educator Aurora Lipper, the programs from Supercharged Science provide some of the best value we've seen for a complete science education at home.    Supercharged Science offers two really great options for science education: a complete e-Science program that is offered fully online and a Science Mastery Program that includes not only the e-science element but also a detailed printed book, all of the materials for each... read more

Recommended Science Curriculum: Real Science-4-Kids

This article is part of our guide to Teaching Science at Home.   Real Science-4-Kids offers unique and high quality science curriculum options for children grades K-12. Developed by homeschooling mom and biophysical chemist Rebecca Keller, their texts and other resources are smart, easy to use and affordable.    Real Science-4-Kids provides printed workbooks, laboratory workbooks, and teacher's manuals as well as interactive online classes and an online testing center. Subjects covered include Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy and Geology for elementary... read more

Arduino for Kids: Bringing Science Home

This article is part of our guide to Teaching Science at Home.   Most parents have never heard of Arduino, but is an absolutely excellent option to bring science concepts into your home in a way that will captivate the whole family.   If your child is fascinated by robots, computers and how things work, Arduino is a brilliant way to feed their curiosity. And don't think they have to be high schoolers to take part--the kits we looked at are suitable for kids (and adults) of all ages. What is Arduino? Massimo Banzi, co-founder of Arduino, was kind... read more

"It's not going to happen."

More on exploring kindergarten in San Francisco: There's a mantra I keep hearing from the parents I know and meet on school tours: "It's not going to happen." This is always understood as referring to the possibility that their child might end up at a substandard school. I say it as well. It's our way of saying that we are not going to just accept whatever the SF public school lottery gives us. The vast majority of parents I know, irrespective of their personal politics, are applying to both public and private schools, with the private ones as backups. If they... read more

5 Great Math Websites for Kids and Parents

Math may be one of the more challenging subjects to teach and learn, but it doesn't have to be a bore! There are lots of great ways to expand your child's math skills in a way that will have them begging for more.    Check out our top five favorite ad free sites:   Count On: This site offers a wide range of math focused games that are unique and fun to play. We especially love their codebreaker and math mysteries sections--perfect for kids who love a challenge.    Figure This: Offered by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, this website offers... read more

When to Let Go - Balloon Launch Activism

    What do you do when your knowledge and beliefs collide with those of your child's school? Do you prevent your child from participating? Do you compromise? Do you use it as an opportunity to educate people?     I've been called a rabble rouser, an activist and an educator. I think deeply about things, I enjoy research and I enjoy sharing my research and thoughts with others. I like to plant a seed and wait for it to grow. I especially enjoy engaging in dialogue and finding common ground and compromise. When the conversations go well, we both come away... read more

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