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Nutrition Good Eating Articles

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Feeding Your Children Part V: Practical Tips

If you have been following my Feeding Your Children series then you have identified your own historical relationship to food, you have released, you have written affirmations and you have visioned for your children’s future. Now, let’s get right in there with our kids and Set The Stage for a successful relationship to food. Visit a farm: Forty minutes outside of urban Los Angeles, there are acres and acres of farms that offer tours for children wherein they can ride on a tractor and then hand pick their own fruit and vegetables. Most commercial farms... read more

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts

My goal? At least one serving of cruciferous vegetables a day. Why? Because a fertility nutritionist told me that cruciferous vegetables contain a compound that helps with estrogen metabolism and hormonal balancing. If my hormones are balanced, I may have a better chance of conceiving. First, I Googled cruciferous vegetables to evaluate my options. Here are three: Broccoli ~ Not a good start. A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I ate plate of broccoli for dinner and barfed. I’d caught the flu. My bad stomach bug probably had nothing... read more

La petit gourmand

Liko (my son, 3-yrs old) looking through fridge: What are these? Mommy: Beets. Liko: What are beets? Mommy: They're kind of like sweet, red potatoes. Liko thinks for a moment, then: Is that what you make borscht out of? When I was a lad in New Jersey and Michigan in the 1970s and '80s, hamburgers, pizza, and french fries were the very height of kid cuisine. My wife (who grew up in Hawaii as part of a relatively sophisticated and omnivorous Chinese-American family) has labored for many long years to repair the damage inflicted on my palate and broaden my tastes enough so... read more

Obese Parents, Obese Children = A Big Fat Problem in America

Thank you, dear readers, for the kind comments on yesterday’s post about our sleepless nights and Leone’s biting. Nursing has gone better today. I only offer when I am sure the baby’s hungry so she has no temptation to use my breast as a dog chew toy, and then I remind her to be gentle before she latches on. I think that, combined with the screaming and sobbing (mine) when she does bite me by mistake, is getting the point across. This baby has yet to start on solid foods of any kind though she’s had a taste here and there. She ate a pea-sized amount of... read more

Guest Blogger Patty James on Eating the Rainbow

ROYGBIV: The Color of Health By Patty James Why is it important to eat lots of different colored fruits and vegetables? Because each colored vegetable and fruit has unique properties and there is strong evidence that there are interactions between the colors that are beneficial to your health. Eating by the Rainbow is vitally important to your well-being. Here are the colors: Red foods contain lycopene that helps rid the body of damaging free radicals, protects against prostate cancer, as well as heart and lung disease. The red foods are... read more

Mothering › Product Reviews › Food and Nutrition › Nutrition Good Eating Articles