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Great for beginning cloth diaperers

A Review On: Charlie Banana Diaper Liners In Roll, Natural, 100-Count

Charlie Banana Diaper Liners In Roll, Natural, 100-Count

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Pros: Super thin so less waste but still does a great job

Cons: Almost too large

These are super soft and act as a great barrier to wipe and toss poop right in the toilet. Thinner than toilet paper, they feel like a very thin dryer sheet. These liners are great for dads or anyone who seem to be a little skeeved out by the poop on the cloth diaper and not having to scrape it off the diaper or if you don't have a sprayer. At this point, my 14 month old has very few messy poos, so the generous size of these liners are not necessary so I cut them so we can get even more uses. But these would be really great with messy newborn BF poops!


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