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Charlie Banana Tutti Frutti Pack

90% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Cloth Diapers


Pros: easily doubled

Cons: microfleece, wicking, bulky

i really wanted to like these! AND i do absolutely credit them for getting me into cloth diapers... however, as it turns out, my son has a fleece sensitivity.  i spent HOURS upon HOURS stripping and washing and stripping and changing detergents several times... only to find that every time i put these on my son, he rashed up terribly.  bummer.  so, after the appeal of charlie banana wore off, and i had tried 8 different brands, i see how not really great they are. they wick moisture up the top like crazy (for some reason the insert pushes the flap up and it just happens), they are super bulky, the velcro adjusters hurt to adjust (which i'm sure helps them to not slide around, but i'm not certain how long they'd last for), and for the price, there are several other better options.  


also, they had a thing on their facebook page asking for advice for new cloth diapering parents.  i wrote, "try several different brands to see what works for you." they deleted it.  rude.  


Pros: Eco-friendly, cute, absorbent, adjustable, great for babies with sensitive skin & so much more!

When my husband and I found out we had a surprise pregnancy, we knew there was no way we could afford to have two kids in disposable diapers.  After doing our research, we made the choice to switch to cloth diapers and the Charlie Banana 2-in-1 One Size was our top pick.  We LOVE the diapers so much, we switched our oldest son to cloth diapers while he is potty training.  The same diapers that fit our newborn can easily adjust and fit our two year old. Both of our boys have sensitive skin, and were unable to wear any diapers with dyes in them.  Since making the switch, our sons haven't had any more rashes or allergic reactions.  There have been no issues with leaking, staining or color fading.  Charlie Banana's are eco-friendly, easy to use, and the designs are so stylish and vibrant. Once you switch to Charlie Banana cloth diapers, you'll never go back to disposable diapers again!   These diapers are simply amazing!


Pros: Cute, eco friendly, absorbant

Cons: start up cost

We just started using these and I LOVE THEM! I was sold when I saw the adjustable elastic in the legs. It only makes sense. This is my second child, but first time with cloth diapers. I'm kicking myself for not using them with the first. The only thing I wish they had was a start-up bundle with everything you need to take the guess work out of it. (I like to simplify things).


Pros: SUPER easy, absorbent, adorable.

Cons: I can't think of any!

I LOVE Charlie Banana! These diapers are so incredibly easy to use and we have never had any issues with smell, repelling, or anything like that. For a while we had some leaks but that was MY FAULT because I had the sizing wrong. Once I got my son's sizing correct, it eliminated the leaking problem. I recommend these diapers to everyone! joy.gif


Pros: easy to adjust, easy changing, stylish

Cons: leg adjustments need one size smaller

Charlie Banana one size are fantastic! The diapers are very easy to adjust (my husband has no issues)! I can't stress how amazing it is that the opening for inserts is in the front. This makes diaper changes easier, cleaner, and quicker! The tutti frutti colors are so vibrant and gender nuetral. I have no issues with colors fading in the wash. My only con for the product is I wish the leg adjustments had one size smaller for newborns with teeny legs.


Pros: No leaking, easy to use and change sizing, cute colors & designs, less diaper rash & garbage!

Cons: you can't use diaper rash creams

We have tried multiple brands of cloth diapers and these are easily our favorite.  There are none that are diffficut to use, but we find these to be the easiest.  The ability to change the size makes it so we do not have to buy multiple sizes of diapers.  Washing diapers every other day keeps the diaper pail from filling up and stinking up the nursery.  And the colors are just adorable!


Pros: Soft, durable, easy to wash, fast to dry, pretty

Cons: Pricey, the flushable inserts are terrible

I absolutely love these diapers. blowkiss.gif

The fleece is the softest I've found, and even when new, the inserts have never leaked on us. I love the colors and the prints. The snaps are strong and easy to use. Poop comes off the fleece very easily and has not stained yet. (If the poop penetrates the fleece, it will sometimes stain the inserts, but you never see those anyway.) I've never had a blow-out. They dry very quickly on the line or in the dryer.


Oh, and the bra-strap-type size adjustment on the legs is genius. 


My one and only complaint is the flushable inserts. They don't come with instructions, don't fit in the diaper, don't stay put, and are really rough. I won't be getting those again, but they aren't necessary, so it doesn't hurt the value of the diaper.


Pros: Easy to use, easy to clean, adorable prints, hold up well

Cons: I wish there was an extra small or newborn size

I love Charlie Banana cloth diapers! joy.gif
They were the first kind I tried when they debuted at Target and I have never bothered with another brand because these were so great! I have had several friends complain of leaks, wear and tear and complications from other brands, I have no real complaints to share. These diapers hold up well, wash easily and best of all I have never had an issue with leaks- ever! I love that they are simple like an all-in-one but are a pocket so they dry faster. They are also super stylish and we get compliments on our daughters fluffy bum all the time.

Obviously they are also great because they help lessen our babies exposure to chemicals and aren't sitting in land fills for years and years like disposables. treehugger.gif

I love them and am looking to add to my CB stash as I prepared to cloth diaper my third baby!


Pros: Adjustable, fits babies of all sizes and shapes, NEVER LEAKS, adorable colors, so soft against baby's skin, washes perfectly clean, available at target so you can actually see what you are buying!

Cons: I wish there were more instructions included on how to use and wash cloth diapers

This was my 2nd Cloth Diaper i tried on my son. I was so worried that it wouldn't wash clean or that they wouldn't be absorbent enough, but that was not the case! These diapers are amazing! They are so durable not to mention adorable! At night I use two inserts and he has not leaked once! I switched to Charlie Banana's because he had been leaking through his diapers every single night! 

I had originally bought one pack to use for night time, but he likes the feel of the soft lining SO much, that he refuses to wear disposables! Amazing product and Brand! Thanks, Charlie Banana!!


Pros: Fit, absorbancy, quality, trimmness, easy to adjust and more

Cons: none found

We love Charlie Banana. It is our go to diaper. I love it for home, for on the go, for naps, for play, etc... The inserts are thick and absorbant. Its a trim diaper that can hold a lot. We never get leaks with our Charlie Bananas. We have 12 and they are the first to be used. I love all the colors and they have some fun prints as well. I highly recommend them to my friends. Just wish they were made in the USA

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Charlie Banana Tutti Frutti Pack

This charlie banana 2-in-1 eco diapering system super value pack contains 6 diapers with 12 washable inserts. one size: fitting babies from 0 to 36 months depending on the baby size. hybrid option to use a washable insert or a disposable insert. charlie banana diaper adjust to your baby ever changing feature with a safe snap system. great for everyday and overnight use. our inserts are highly absorbent making charlie banana 2-in1 reusable diapering sytem a trusted choice by mothers all over the world. if you always wanted to try a cloth diaper, this is the one and you will love its inovative design. for additional information on how to use it visit our website. disposable inserts sold separetly.

BindingBaby Product
FeaturePerfume free, chlorine free, chemical free The inner layer is made of soft fleece which is hypoallergenic and stain free Hybrid option to use a washable insert or a disposable insert
LabelCharlie Banana
ManufacturerCharlie Banana
PublisherCharlie Banana
StudioCharlie Banana
TitleCharlie Banana 6 Reusable Diapers 12 Inserts Set Tutti Frutti, One Size
BrandCharlie Banana
ColorBlack, Hot Pink, Turquoise, Green, Yellow, Orange
SizeOne Size
SKU1257202|One Size
ProductGroupBaby Product
Item Height7.77 inches
Item Width10.2 inches
Package Height6.9 inches
Package Length10.2 inches
Package Weight2.15 pounds
Package Width8.2 inches
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement889441
Item Length6.75 inches
ManufacturerMinimumAge1 months
ClothingSizeOne Size
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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