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Perfect for tiny cars!

A Review On: Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base in Fuego

Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base in Fuego

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Pros: small, sturdy, comfortable, easy to use

Cons: stiff shoulder pads, sun shade

If you have a tiny car, this is the car seat for you. I drive a VW Beetle (by necessity, I would not recommend it for kids as it doesn't have a great safety rating) and this car seat fit perfectly behind the passenger seat. Granted, the passenger seat did have to be scooted way forward, but it did fit and it was the only car seat that would fit and we were able to fit my older child in the back with the baby and me in the passenger seat with my tall husband driving. I was even able to reach one hand all the way around behind me to help my son if he needed a finger to suck on or to hand him a pacifier or teething ring.


Installation was a breeze with the base. Our car is a 2-door and we were able to lift the seat in and just click it into place. I put baby in the car seat with it sitting in the front seat of the car, then lifted it into the back and clicked it in place when baby was settled. Same to get the baby out. Just lift out the car seat, put it in the front passenger seat and remove baby. Very easy and I was super happy with this model. My son was very comfortable in it. My only complaint would be the shoulder pads which were stiff and scratchy. Maybe cover them with something softer like minky.


The sun shade could have been better, but I just draped a baby blanket over the sun shade and the handle if the sun was in baby's eyes.


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