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ClickN Spell

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Pros: Inexpensive; Entertaining, Works!

My 6 year old gifted son is 4 lessons away from finishing Click n Spell. It is a WONDERFUL program! I'm going to miss having him do his spelling on the computer, lol. He started already knowing how to read really well (at least 2nd grade level) but not knowing how to spell and it was frustrating him. Click n Spell is entertaining (without being TOO fun); I love the reports it sends; and the best thing is that it works. It is also not that expensive considering it covers 3 or 4 years of spelling lessons.

ClickN Spell

ClickN SPELL is a research based spelling program for PreK through 5th grade that teaches the 800 most commonly used words in the English language. The program may also be used as an intervention curriculum for struggling spellers regardless of age or grade level. Mastering this list of words has been proven to be very successful in mastering English. For example, the most commonly spoken 800 words are used 13 times more frequently than the next most common 800 words. ClickN SPELL therefore provides a solid foundation not just for spelling, but also for the English language in general. Authored by nationally recognized research professor, Dr. J. Ron Nelson author of our award winning ClickN READ Phonics program, we again offer the most powerful teaching tool of its kind. The unique instructional design used in ClickN SPELL makes spelling more fun and more effective than ever before. WE GUARANTEE IT!

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Mothering › Product Reviews › Toys and Education › Education › Educational DVDs › ClickN Spell