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Dance of the Womb, Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth


Pros: clear instruction, nicely divided chapters, beautifully produced, excellent discussion with midwives regarding benefits of natural birth

Cons: Slow in spots, would have loved a dance section to apply what was learned

Belly dancing for birth is rarely available in my area, so this disc set is a REALLY nice way to introduce women to belly dancing. The instruction is clear and the segments logically separated. Dance of the Womb addresses topics of the physical birth experience that many prenatal fitness videos won't go near. But what makes it extra special is the attention to the mental part of pregnancy and birth. Connecting with your baby and connecting with the many generations of women experienced in birth is so valuable in our society where birth is often viewed as exclusively a medical experience.


Many women feel a boost of self-esteem when doing belly dancing as it connects to a feminine aspect many often forget. What could be better before the journey of birth than to feel confident, beautiful, strong and capable? I can't wait to put on my hip scarf during labor and use these moves!


Thank you for making this DVD and including the valuable conversation about natural birth and your home birth story. There is so much that women can take from it!




Pros: Great for sore hips! Beautiful connecting mantras with your baby, inspiring home birth video

Cons: Some sections feel slightly long, while some could have been better explained

I received my copy of "Dance of the Womb" and was so excited to get it in the DVD player!  Being 6 months pregnant, I had been having issues with my hips feeling very sore recently and after 26 minutes of various hip circle exorcises, my hips felt better than before I got pregnant! 


I also loved the mantras and breathing periods that encourage you to connect to your baby and how beautiful this connection becomes.  I definitely felt very "Earth Motherly" after these connection periods.


On the second disc, her homebirth video was very inspiring and great to see all these exorcises put into play during labor.  I'm now very excited to utilize these movements in my own labor!


Very satisfied with this DVD!


Pros: easy to understand instruction, motivational, encouraging, great warm-ups, beautiful birth video, interesting interview with midwives

Cons: no combination dance segment

This DVD far surpassed my expectations!  I thought I was getting a simple prenatal bellydance instructional DVD.  Instead, I got a motivational and inspiring full bellydance instructional class!  Maha's graceful movements combined with her gentle, easy-to-understand instruction made this workout both useful for birth preparation and fun, too!  By the end of the full workout, I was sore, knew the areas of my body that needed the most work in preparation for birth, and was inspired to keep on going.


Because this bellydance DVD is specifically designed to help a pregnant woman prepare for her birth (physically and mentally), Maha includes jewels of birth wisdom throughout the entire DVD.  Even as a midwifery student in my final year of school, I learned quite a few new things about the journey through birth. 


The second DVD includes an in-depth interview with two midwives regarding the use of bellydance to prepare for labor and birth, along with Maha's own birth video of her daughter being born peacefully into the water.  Maha bellydanced her way through labor and seeing the moves in action really illustrated how useful bellydance can be in labor and birth.


My absolute favorite aspect of Bellydance for Birth was the section that focused on "graceful hands and arms".  I have clumsily practiced bellydance on and off for the past two years, but always felt my hands and arms were lacking in anything that could be remotely considered "graceful".  No teacher nor DVD has ever explained how to move my hands and arms as well as Maha did.  My arms still feel clumsy, but now I feel that, with practice, I may one day actually feel a bit more graceful!


At the end of each instructional bellydance segment, Maha includes time with music to simply dance on your own and practice what you've learned.  The only negative thing I have to say about this DVD is simply that I wish she would have included an instructional combination of all the moves that we learned so we have a chance to put them all together.  It is a very small "con" in a very large list of "pros".

I was very blessed to have won this DVD in a giveaway; I had registered for it on my baby registry but nobody bought it for me, and I wasn't able to come up with the funds to buy it.  It is pricier than most prenatal bellydance DVDs, and now I know why.  It is WAY more than your average prenatal exercise DVD.  It includes a full warm-up section (which really are bellydance moves in their own right), and over two hours of bellydance instruction.  The birth video and in-depth interview with midwives is worth the cost by itself.  Overall, this DVD set is worth way more than its price.


I plan on using this DVD throughout the rest of my pregnancy to help prepare for my upcoming birth, and will definitely recommend it to all my friends and doula clients.  I seriously *loved* this DVD.  Thanks, Maha!




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Dance of the Womb, Belly Dance for Pregnancy & Birth

Endorsed by the Australian National Association of Childbirth Educators and the Australian Doula College. A safe and effective dance expression supporting women throughout pregnancy and labor. Provides a natural birthing technique encouraging active birth at its most feminine and beautiful. Disk one contains a gentle 45 minute warmup, six guided dance techniques, and more. Disk two contains a 50 minute documentary of the instructor's homebirth at age 46 plus more. Dance through your birth! THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD AT http://www.birthadventure.com/

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