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Engaging and Fun!

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Pros: clear instruction, nicely divided chapters, beautifully produced, excellent discussion with midwives regarding benefits of natural birth

Cons: Slow in spots, would have loved a dance section to apply what was learned

Belly dancing for birth is rarely available in my area, so this disc set is a REALLY nice way to introduce women to belly dancing. The instruction is clear and the segments logically separated. Dance of the Womb addresses topics of the physical birth experience that many prenatal fitness videos won't go near. But what makes it extra special is the attention to the mental part of pregnancy and birth. Connecting with your baby and connecting with the many generations of women experienced in birth is so valuable in our society where birth is often viewed as exclusively a medical experience.


Many women feel a boost of self-esteem when doing belly dancing as it connects to a feminine aspect many often forget. What could be better before the journey of birth than to feel confident, beautiful, strong and capable? I can't wait to put on my hip scarf during labor and use these moves!


Thank you for making this DVD and including the valuable conversation about natural birth and your home birth story. There is so much that women can take from it!




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