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Great Diaper Cream for Cloth & Sensitive Skin

A Review On: Diaper Cream By Nature's Paradise

Diaper Cream By Nature's Paradise

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Pros: Organic, food-grade ingredients, clears rashes quickly

Cons: Expensive unless purchased on sale, hard to find in-stores

The babies in our family love this diaper cream!  We use it as a barrier cream at night or to get rid of a rash.  Our daughter's rashes (she has very sensitive skin) clear quickly with this cream.  I don't worry if my daughter sticks her fingers in the cream because the ingredients are all organic food-grade.  We've also used this cream for infant massage.  We do use liners with the cream, but we've still gotten the cream on our cloth diapers and it has not caused any problems with absorbency.


By receiving the Nature's Paradise newsletter or following them on twitter/facebook, you can get notified of sales.  It's still a little expensive, but not as bad as their full-price.


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