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Diva Cup Diva Cup #2 Post Childbirth, Cup


Pros: Reusable, reliable, more comfortable (esp at capacity) than a tampon/pad

Cons: Impossible to change while holding baby ;), takes some getting used to

My period returned when my EBF son was just 3 months old. Tampons felt horrible (not to mention filled up in record time) and cloth pads weren't working for me, so I invested in the Diva Cup after hearing a glowing review from my best friend. Confession: I was terrified of the thing! It looked h-u-g-e. But once I worked up a little courage and my boy went down for his nap, I was able to insert it very easily and painlessly. 


The Diva Cup has gotten me through three leak-free cycles now, and I still feel as though I'm mastering the removal process, but I'd rather fumble a bit twice a day than have to constantly worry about leaking tampons/pads. The only personal downside is that I do need to be relaxed during insertion/removal, which can be a challenge with my son crying whenever I set him down for a moment, but that (hopefully!) won't be an issue for much longer. 


Overall, I'm so happy with this product and how it works for me. Don't be afraid to give it a shot!


Pros: no chemicals, no mess, less bacteria, no smell, less female waste product in a landfill, can't even tell it's there...

Cons: My initial hesitation... oh how I wish I'd known sooner how wonderful it was

I can't begin to express how wonderful this product is. I went from heavy and uncomfortable periods to not even realizing I had it! When my sister first told me about it, I thought she was disgusting (a cup full of what?!). I had an abnormal pap though that was attributed to wearing tampons and it scared me enough to give it a try. Much to my suprise, after a few days of experimenting with it (it takes a few tries to figure out how to get it in right so there aren't any leaks) I was so sold I was telling everyone I knew to buy one. I was really shocked to find that it was more sanitary (I was SO sure I was going to be disgusted). I highly recommend this product. I only wish I would have had an open mind sooner. I do recommend wearing a pad if you have a really heavy first day or two in addition if you don't have the resources to empty it. I usually fill my cup 2 to 4 times the first day and night of my period. After that first day though, I have to remind myself to change it because I literally forget I have my period.


Pros: ecological, economical, easy!

I've used the Diva Cup about eight years now, and other than the initial learning curve, it's been trouble-free. I consider this cup to be one of the best purchases I've made. I wish I'd had one sooner! I was worried it would be messy, uncomfortable or hard to use, but my experience has been just super easy and my fears were definitely unwarranted. The Diva Cup is comfortable, simple and pays for itself super fast. The silicone is sturdy and extremely durable. I can't say enough good things about this product. 


Pros: frugal and it works

Cons: there is a learning curve

I can't say enough good things about the Diva Cup.  Since having children, I have had really heavy flows.  There were nights when I would wear a super absorbency tampon, an overnight pad and still wake up with a huge blood stain on my sheets.  I even bled through my jeans while in public on more than one occasion.  It was bad.  The Diva cup has changed all of that.


I can wear it all day and night and don't have to worry about accidents anymore.  It's comfortable and I've never had any leaks.  I love it!  I'm so happy to no longer need tampons or pads.


Pros: Reusable, great material

Cons: Doesn't fit well, leaks, difficult to make it look clean

I would hate to dissuade anyone from using the Diva Cup or similar products.  I used the Keeper menstrual cup for 8 years prior to having my first child and loved loved loved it.  I heard raves about the Diva so when it was time to get a post-partum cup, I bought a Diva Cup.


I was happy that it was silicone (not latex like the Keeper) and it seemed softer and easier to fold.


It could totally be me (changes in my anatomy after childbirth, etc), but I have not found a way for it to be comfortable.  It actually is always a little painful for me the first day I use it every cycle (I've used it now for about a year--my baby was born in 12/08).  The remaining days, it's not exactly painful, but it does seem to leak more than my old cup did--enough that I need to wear back up cloth. I've tried strengthening my pelvic floor muscles, turning it inside out, and every different fold (and body position) for insertion that I could find on the internet, but nothing has seemed to help. 


I haven't tried a different postpartum cup yet, so it could be my body now, but I wanted to get the word out that this one isn't perfect for everyone.  I have looked at the different post-partum cups and they do vary in size quite a bit.


My only other complaint (and it would definitely not be a dealbreaker for me) is that it is hard to clean the dried blood from the "air holes" and the writing on the cup.  The air holes have a purpose, I get that, but the writing seems unnecessary.  I wouldn't call it unsanitary or anything, but it makes my cup feel a bit dirty if I don't have the time to scrub out each letter before reinserting.


I now have my freedom back! I used to have to be homebound the second day of my cycle because of the very heavy flow I would get (tampons and pads would leak!).  Now with the diva cup, I only have to change it 2-3 times that heavy day and only once the other 3 days of cycle. As for the last two days of my cycle, I sometimes forget I even have my period. One thing I noticed is that morning of my heavy day, if I don't have the cup in just right and if I don't sleep with my torso slightly elevated, I stand up out of bed and the entire contents of the cup just pours right out of me. There is a bit of a learning curve but once you get it, it's fantastic!!!


Pros: Capacity, reusable, no chemicals

Cons: Sometimes uncomfortable

I bought the Diva Cup after my second son was born in anticipation of AF returning. It took much longer than I expected for AF to show up, but I was prepared when she did.

The Diva took a bit of getting used to using (as I knew it would), but once it was in properly, it worked extremely well. I would recommend using cloth pads as backup just because the sensations of natural function can occasionally make one freak out that the cup is leaking. Nine times out of 10, it was normal fluids and not the cup leaking. thumb.gif With backup, one doesn't have to run to the nearest bathroom, at least. lol.gif I could easily go 24 hours during lighter flow without having to change it out.

I have found that I have very little issue with cramping or discomfort while using the cup, which I did have in the past. It could just be changes hormonally after multiple pregnancies, but I do think the lack of chemicals and lack of drying are fantastic attributes to the Diva and similar cups.

My problems with the Diva were from rubbing. I did trim the stem but found that the ribbed base (for grip) was extending too far and was uncomfortable. I eventually switched to the somewhat shorter and smoother (at the base) Keeper which eliminated the rubbing feelings. Everyone's anatomy is different, and even shifts from one post-pregnancy to another can make a difference. So, I highly recommend trying the Diva and/or other menstrual cups to find one that works best for you at any given time. They are a fantastic concept and product!


Pros: Reusable, easy, more comfortable

Cons: Not for very heavy days, not perfectly comfortable.

I switched to a diva cup after my daughter was born, and I'm never going back! I find it much more comfortable than tampons and pads, and I love that it's reusable. Though I can still feel it when it is in place, it is still much more comforable than tampons and pads. Also, I cannot use it on very heavy days: whether it's due to flow or my tilted uterus, I cannot get a good seal on heavy days, and even half-hourly cleaning is still not enough to keep from leaking. However, for the rest of my cycle, it's MORE convenient than even tampons, and safer, too. A definite winner!


Pros: no more $$ spent on tampons

Cons: leaks on very heavy days

I'm not toally sure how long I've had mine, but I love it, even though it will overflow on my one REALLY heavy day. Meaning I have to empty it every hour or it leaks, so I make sure to wear a panty liner on those days and I'm ok. I love my Diva Cup it's one of the best purchases I've made in the last year. I highly recommend them!


Pros: easy to use, easy to clean, great value

Cons: slight learning curve

Oh my. I wish I had known about the Diva Cup long, long ago. There is a slight learning curve to these - you must get it in properly. I suggest trying before your cycle starts. I did that and was good to go the first time I needed it. Made things so easy.

I did cut the stem off of mine. If you find it uncomfortable, do the same!

The cup prevents the microscopic abrasions lefts by tampons, and no dryness as a result (and from the awful chemicals in them).

I highly recommend using a cup.
Diva Cup Diva Cup #2 Post Childbirth, Cup


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