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A Review On: Diva Cup Diva Cup #2 Post Childbirth, Cup

Diva Cup Diva Cup #2 Post Childbirth, Cup

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Pros: frugal and it works

Cons: there is a learning curve

I can't say enough good things about the Diva Cup.  Since having children, I have had really heavy flows.  There were nights when I would wear a super absorbency tampon, an overnight pad and still wake up with a huge blood stain on my sheets.  I even bled through my jeans while in public on more than one occasion.  It was bad.  The Diva cup has changed all of that.


I can wear it all day and night and don't have to worry about accidents anymore.  It's comfortable and I've never had any leaks.  I love it!  I'm so happy to no longer need tampons or pads.


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