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A Review On: Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?

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Pros: Upbeat, cheerful story with great illustrations

Do Super Heroes Have Teddy Bears?  is a fun read that my boys, ages 2 and 5, really enjoyed. With three years between them, I’m finding it a balancing act to choose books that both my kids will like, and was pleased to find that this story appealed to both of them. The comic-style illustrations are lively and filled with entertaining details, and the storyline celebrates creativity and ingenuity.  We especially enjoyed studying the illustrations together; my 5 year old is plotting to build his own spaceship modeled after the cardboard-box version shown in the story, while my 2 year old loved searching for the family pets who appear in each spread.  This is a good choice for a gift or to add to your home library.


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