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A Review On: doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

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Pros: Natural, Pure. They are the best oils I have found!

Cons: None so far!


I started using doTERRA oils right after my daughter was born.  I was a bit of a mess, Lucy wasn't nursing well and my milk hadn't come in and I was feeling incapable and defeated.  A good friend of mine came over and rubbed their oil blend called Balance on my feet and heart and added wild orange to my water.  Within minutes I was feeling grounded and stable and able to help my new babe try again at nursing. 

Lucy is 8 months old and I use doTERRA oils to help us both sleep-with lavender and Balance, when she has a belly ache I rub roman chamomile on her belly and my husband uses lemongrass to help his sore knees and his kidney function.  We all use these oils every day and they have changed our lives.

It also bring comfort to my family that doTERRA tests each batch of oils at 2 different and changing independent labs to make sure that the essential oils are100% pure and natural and free of synthetic compounds or contaminates.


You could use oils from any company, especially a local one and do less damage to the environment by shipping products long distances. There are lots of better, more ethical local businesses that could use your support instead of an MLM that is primarily for gouging people.
Buying local is great when possible, but when it comes to essential oils and their therapeutic uses it is very important to pay close attention to the part of the world the plant is grown. The delicate organic compounds can be greatly altered just by changing the region of growth or even the time of day the plant is harvested. Essential oils need to come from plants that were grown in their indigenous ares in order for them to have their full therapeutic values.
I love Doterra oils too! I love the company! I love the opportunity they offer for a home based business! And I love how Doterra supports farmers and growers from all over the world keep the art of essential oil distillation alive! I could go on and on and on. Don't let this one comment discourage you from giving Doterra a try. They are really amazing oils and an amazing company!
I love buying local too! and I frequent my farmer's market and try to eat as local and fresh as possible, but my essential oils are my medicine and I require the best. Science shows us the importance of sourcing essential oils from their indigenous regions. Doterra pays such close attention to those little details.
Also, there is nothing wrong with networking marketing or MLM's. We can actually see some amazing advances in women's liberation due to MLM's like "The Avon Lady" and "The Tupperware Lady". Those opprotunities gave "stay at home moms" and housewives a chance to bring in money for their family and still have time to take care of the children.
I encourage you all to research doterra and other essential oil companies, try their oils, and go with the ones that work the best for you and your family.