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A Review On: Earth Mama Angel Baby Labor Ease Massage Oil 30 ml oil

Earth Mama Angel Baby Labor Ease Massage Oil 30 ml oil

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briannas auntie
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Pros: nice scent, doesn't clog pores

Cons: hard to find

My friend had some of this leftover from when her daughter used it for labor.  All I know is that this massage oil is WONDERFUL!  I recently had super severe low back spasms that had me screaming from the pain.  My friend massaged my back with some of this while applying hot and cold packs off and on, and it helped significantly.  I especially loved the essential oil scent of this oil.  It helped me relax a great deal. 

The only trouble we had was when we went to get more, it was very hard to find in natural health stores, so we could only get it online. It comes in a small bottle that is good for toting it in your labor bag or cosmetic bag.  This labor massage oil would be a great gift for a expectant mother.


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