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Earth Mama-Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter Reviews


natural non staining relief


Pros: natural, non staining, not worried about baby nursing when wearing it

as with all of their items....very nice to use. Soothing, healing, good smelling, When my LO started nursing (and when she is teething) I suffered from chapped/ chafed nipples....this salve was wonderful speeded healing and enabled me to nurse throughout the process. Unlike some of the lanolin products, it does not stain clothing which is soooo nice. I still use it now with my nursing toddler, but have expanded its range of use. I also use it as lip balm, and my daughter puts in on our cat Pickle's sunburned ears!

AAAAAmazing nipple butter!!!


Pros: so soothing, vegan, safe for baby

Cons: none

I bought this from my midwife shortly before my son was born, and boy am I glad I did! It's so amazing! What a perfect treat for sore nipples new to breastfeeding. It's totally safe for your little one too, so you don't have to worry about washing it off before the next feeding. It may be in a small container, but trust me, it lasts forever! I STILL have some left, and my son is 2. I'm saving to use for the next baby. A wonderful investment. I just love everything by earth mama angel baby!!!
briannas auntie

Great for dry skin


Pros: a little goes a long way, all-natural, lanolin free

Cons: price

This winter has been brutal with my eczema and dry skin.  I have tried everything to relieve my dry skin and keep my skin from itching.  Unfortunately, nothing worked very well, even the perscription skin cream.  Someone on Facebook was talking about how good Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter was at relieveing dry skin, so I decided to give it a try.  All I know is this stuff is wonderful!  Not only did it relieve the itching caused from eczema, but it softens my skin without clogging my pores.  I have used it on my elbows, knees, hands, chapped lips, and even breasts.  This nipple butter is lanolin free and uses all natural herbs and...
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Soothing stuff!


Pros: All natural/organic, soothing, healing

I have really liked EMAB products and was excited to try their Nipple Butter with my new baby. I've not been disappointed! It is very soothing and healing, smells pleasant, and is safe for baby. It's easier to apply than lanolin as it's not sticky or hard. There are some little "beads" in it that melt as they warm up. They can be a touch rough on super sensitive parts, but can also be warmed up in your fingers or hand before applying. I found them to be a good gauge of when I'd rubbed enough in - once they were dissolved, it was done! My little one has had some latch issues, and it has been very helpful to have this EMAB nipple butter to soothe!

Best vegan-friendly nipple salve!


Pros: Vegan-certified, clinically tested, zero toxins!

Cons: Pricey product

I bought this product prior to my son being born and have been very happy with it. This nipple salve was the only vegan-friendly nipple salve I could find... it's lanolin-free and would be great for any moms and babes with sensitivities to this ingredient. It worked great during the first week or so of nursing my first born when my breasts were getting accustomed to being used practically! A pea-sized dab rubbed into each nipple after every feeding kept my nipples soothed and soft during this transition time. Like all of the other Earth Mama Angel Baby products, this salve is rated zero on the EWG "Skin Deep Database" which is so important when being applied to the parts of my...
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Mothering › Product Reviews › Natural Body Care Mom › Skin Care › Earth Mama-Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter › Earth Mama-Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter Reviews