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A Review On: Earth Mama-Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter

Earth Mama-Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter

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Pros: All natural/organic, soothing, healing

I have really liked EMAB products and was excited to try their Nipple Butter with my new baby. I've not been disappointed! It is very soothing and healing, smells pleasant, and is safe for baby. It's easier to apply than lanolin as it's not sticky or hard. There are some little "beads" in it that melt as they warm up. They can be a touch rough on super sensitive parts, but can also be warmed up in your fingers or hand before applying. I found them to be a good gauge of when I'd rubbed enough in - once they were dissolved, it was done!

My little one has had some latch issues, and it has been very helpful to have this EMAB nipple butter to soothe!


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