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Good product for postpartum

A Review On: Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs

Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Bath Herbs

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Pros: Easy to use, already made

Cons: Can make on your own, too small in container

I bought this product when I ran out of the sitz bath my midwife gave me postpartum. It was similar in composition but my midwife gave me a huge (1 quart) bag while this is a tiny jar. You put the herbs in the included muslin bag and make your bath into a tea. You can place the bag on your perineum, but I feel like you need MORE to make a strong sitz bath. I feel like for the price you can go to an herb store and buy the herbs/salts in a greater quantity so that you can get a stronger bath and more healing power. Still, in terms of convenience and availability, I am glad this product is available!


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