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Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers

88% Positive Reviews


Pros: good natural product

Cons: expensive

Used these while we had a rash issue. Looking for natural disposable options. These were good quality and I felt better they were all natural for sensative skin.


Pros: Chlorine and fragrance free

Cons: Chemical absorbent crystals, expensive

We buy these for back up when we run out of cloth. We keep some in the car and usually when my son stays with Grandma and Grandpa for an afternoon we send these. They have a hard time with cloth!


They hold in poo and pee really well for my son, so I have no complaints on performance. I do think their sizing runs a bit small, so keep that in mind.


I'm sad they still use the chemical absorbent crystals, though, instead of a more natural option.


They are DARN expensive, too!! But, I am happy they don't have fragrances (yuck).


Pros: natural disposables, easy to use, and often on sale

Cons: expensive at full retail, not as eco friendly as cloth diapers

I couldn't believe it when my sister introduced me to these.  She found them at our local Grocer Outlet store for $7 a package, at another local store as well.  A natural disposable diaper that didn't hurt my baby's skin, for under $10? Seriously, where were these for my first daughter?!?!



* perfect for sensative skin

* go on sale for half price regularly

* natural disposable alternative

* have the size printed on front, unlike Seventh Generation. DH needs this feature!



*not as eco friendly as cloth

*expensive at full retail from amazon

*not widely available on sale all the time


We love our earth's best diapers, and stock up whenever there is a sale.  Its always sad when we get to the end of our stash of these and have to resort to less natural alternatives.  The only comparable diapers we have found for the price are seventh generation, but these are easier to use.


Pros: chlorine free

Cons: expensive

My mother in law had these at her house for when Grandpa (who could/would not deal with cloth diapers) watched our daughter. They did not irritate her skin but she did tend to have more blow-outs than with the cloth diapers when we were still EFB.


I only used a couple packs of these for my newborn, when his bum was too small for the cloth diapers, butI liked them just fine! They felt clean and ungunked with chemicals and perfumes. They were soft, but not as soft as 7th generation. No leaks, no problems... easy to use.


Pros: Chlorine Free - Not Tested on Animals

Cons: Poop sometimes explodes out easily

We bought these diapers as an alternative to pampers before we started using reusable diapers. 


We like them but if my baby has a huge poop they always come out. Also if she pees a lot and is on her stomach then the pee comes out the top always. 


I do like the Brand Earth's Best but it just seems like these diapers could be better for the price. We see them at Babies r us for $35.99 for 144 diapers. 


Pros: they work to hold in potty messes

Cons: far inferior to the product it replaced

I was excited to see "Tendercare" diapers because I'd heard the company was bought out. Tendercare and Tushies have been sanity savers for me over the years, although I usually CD.


A company rep from Earth's Best  claimed these were the same great product, but they are not! These diapers may be chlorine-free like the diapers produced before the buy-out, but they contain the super-absorbant crystals inside, like any grocery-store diaper! Many parents are concerned about exposing their infant's genitals to these chemical agents. The claim was that these diapers do not contain the gel crystals, but if you cut one in half, the crystals all sprinkle out. How disappointing.


As far as effectiveness, yes, they do hold in baby pee & poo, so it does work as a diaper. I was mainly disappointed because of the high expectations I had due to the superior quality of the previous product & the claim that the product is the same. This is not a "natural" diaper.


To use a product of similar quality, you could save money and trouble & just buy the less expensive chlorine-free name brand diapers at your local discount store. Using the previous name for an entirely different and inferior product is misleading.


Pros: chlorine free

Cons: price, nothing special

It's great that these are chlorine free but they work just the same as any other wet wipe. I'm too stingy to pay soley bc they are chlorine free and are better for the environment :/

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Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers

Introducing… New Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers from Earth's Best - the #1 baby brand in natural foods. These diapers are made from absorbent materials that are never treated with chorine bleach. Their breathable sides, moisture barrier cuffs and refastenable tabs ensure premium fit, comfort and ease of use. Our diapers are made with annually remewable resources such as corn and wheat that lessen the use of petro-chemicals by 20%, to reduce your baby's environmental footprint.

BindingHealth and Beauty
FeatureLatex-free, dye-free, perfume-free Non-toxic superior absorbency Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
LabelEarth's Best
ManufacturerEarth's Best
PublisherEarth's Best
StudioEarth's Best
TitleEarth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers, Size 4, (22-37 Pounds), 120 Count
BrandEarth's Best
ProductGroupHealth and Beauty
Item Weight0.1 pounds
Package Height9 inches
Package Length17.1 inches
Package Weight11 pounds
Package Width11.4 inches
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementc05350
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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